After 11 seasons, Jerry Seinfeld has announced that Comedians in cars drinking coffee has come to an end. It was also reported that the Netflix special of Seinfeld 23 hours to kill it will be his last live special. The comedian has had a considerable career in the latter part of his career, so it’s hard to imagine. Really outgoing.

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Comedians in cars drinking coffee is a web series that makes for a nice, casual watch. There is a diverse collection of classic vehicles featured on the show, and their guests are typically highly respected, mega-famous, and incredibly personable. However, some not-so-great guests have made it to the series.

10 Worst: Colleen Ballinger

Seinfeld and

YouTuber Colleen Ballinger appeared on Jerry’s show as his character Miranda Sings, which is pretty disgusting. Jerry picks her up in a fabulous 1960 Austin-Healy and they hit the streets of Los Angeles. Many felt that Sings was rude and ignorant in the episode as he uses his shrill squeal. Thus, he stayed true to his character, who loves his sizable audience despite being untalented, ungracious, and rude.

There is a short sequence shown at the end of the episode where Ballinger removes her makeup and talks frankly about the character, with a slight unease / remorse in her voice after treating Jerry so terribly, even though it was for acting.

9 Best: Larry David

Larry David CCGC

Casually, From Seinfeld co-creator Larry David is the post-Sings episode on Netflix, but it was the series’ first episode according to IMDb. It’s nice when Jerry has an established relationship with his guest, as it reduces discomfort and overheating.

The jokes between Jerry and Larry are fresh and entertaining even though the two have known each other for so long. The conversation includes classic micro-observations of David, including thoughts about his divorce as a result of his new preference for hot tea, as well as how each new generation looks better. It’s always fun to watch these two reunite.

8 Worst: Hasan Minhaj

Hasan Minhaj CCGC

Hasan Minhaj is a comedian and the host of the political talk show, patriot act. Minhaj is unquestionably successful and talented, but many felt that he forgot to take his ‘smart pills’ before his appearance on CCGC, asking Jerry how the gears in a car work, at any given time.

Also, the two comedians are from two completely different eras and the viewer can feel the slight disconnect appear uncomfortably in the conversation. Overall, Minhaj’s appearance in 2018 is a forgettable episode, but Jerry brings in a fantastic 1992 Ferrari 512 TR, which Minhaj unpleasantly points out is not black like Michael Jordan’s, his dream car.

7 Best: Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx CCGC

Before CCGC came to an end, Jamie Foxx was one of the final guests to travel with Jerry in season 11. Foxx’s electric factory personality complements the show’s talk structure quite well, as the actor / comedian / singer is full of anecdotes and cunning.

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Some of the best parts of the interview are Foxx’s memories of his early career as a comedian. He makes both Jerry and the audience laugh, being one of the most likable guests on the show. Jerry also picks it up with a stunning silver 1969 Maserati Mistral Spyder.

6 Worst: Todd Barry

Todd Barry CCGC

Todd Barry’s dry, deadpan style stands out on the stand-up comedy stage, but it seemed to damage his appearance in CGCC. He seems to be quite introverted with simple tastes, which contradicts Jerry’s exotic car-themed talk show.

The two finally hit a groove and get chatty. However, a compilation at the end of the episode demonstrates how brief and seemingly selfless Barry was during the hours of recording. Jerry drives around Coney Island in a 1966 MGB Roadster, the first sports car Barry had ever been in.

5 Best: Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Julia Louis-Dreyfus CCGC

Although Jerry and Julia Louis-Dreyfus were seen together for nearly a decade in Seinfeld, it’s good to see the two of them reunited again as themselves, which creates a very different and fun dynamic between the two. The episode aired in 2015, while Dreyfus was still starring Veep.

Most recently, she won the 2018 Mark Twain Award for American Humor. Jerry takes her for a ride around Santa Monica in a gorgeous 1964 Aston Martin DB5. It’s fun to watch the two joke around and remember their years working together on Seinfeld. At a point, discuss potential plots they wish they weren’t removed from Seinfeld.

4 Worst: Howard Stern

Howard Stern CCGC

Like Colleen Ballinger, Howard Stern was felt by many to be intentionally conceited and aggressive. However, he’s not even playing a character, is he? The outgoing radio host and television personality jokingly insults Jerry’s show from the beginning and the tension seems to get worse from there due to Stern’s negativity and rigid selfishness.

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The two don’t get along for most of the interview. To the episode’s credit, it’s entertaining to see how tense and chaotic it is compared to the other guest appearances. The brightness of Jerry’s bright orange 1969 Pontiac GTO units belies Stern’s dark talking points.

3 Best: George Costanza

Jason Alexander CCGC

Not included in Netflix due to copyright issues related to SeinfeldJason Alexander appeared on CCGC as his former character, George Costanza, in season 3 of the series. The exchange between Jerry and “George” is lively and nostalgic.

George’s appearance is different from the typical episode, as it is a scripted parody that takes place on Super Bowl Sunday. The story of George’s applause at the last Super Bowl parties is a fun highlight in the series. After the coffee date, the AMC Pacer Jerry drives don’t start, lining up with Jerry’s mention that Pacer is a disastrous machine in the episode’s introduction.

two Worst: Michael Richards

Michael Richards CCGC

Michael Richard’s notorious and racist catastrophe at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood has kept him out of the public eye since 2006 and one can’t help but think about the horrible mistake every time Richards is mentioned. Consequently, in this seemingly redeeming maneuver, Richards can’t help but bring up the incident, saying “it should have been more disinterested.”

Sadly, the episode has the slight feeling of beating a dead horse. Richards seems to be trying on some comedic material as he frames it as personal stories with Jerry. Interestingly, he also pretends to know boxer Sugar Ray Leonard and has Jerry drive to his house, which ends up being owned by a comedy director / producer.

1 Best: Will Ferrell

Will ferrell

It was nice to see Ferrell out of place in season 7, something audiences don’t see often. He and Jerry have excellent chemistry on the episode, although they are not frequent collaborators, by no means. A notable part of the interview is when they discuss Ferrell’s pantomime of a cat from his 1995 SNL audition.

Ferrel’s cheerful and warm personality fits well with CCGC. He seemed to like the bright blue 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird when Jerry picked it up from the schoolyard.

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