The many animated faces of Disney are some of the most beloved characters in all of film and television history. From Mickey and Minnie to our friends in a galaxy far, far away, the House of the Mouse is not short of beloved characters.

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Gorgeous princesses, swashbuckling heroes, and comic sidekicks are part of the course, but behind every flash of fairy dust lies a dark and gloomy place. Some of Disney’s most prized icons aren’t as healthy and shiny as the studio would have fans believe. On the contrary, there have been some dark and vile acts performed right in front of the public’s eyes.

10 Max lying to his dad to impress a girl

A silly movie

It’s hard to see A silly movie in the same way after considering this fact, but while it may seem like a comical road trip with Goofy and Max at first, the whole plot is based on Max’s lie.

In fact, if you think about it, Max has his dad drive across the country to sneak into a Powerline concert just to impress the girl next door. Does that mean Max is technically the movie’s villain?

9 The frequent danger of Tigger children

Tigger and Roo can often be seen bouncing and galloping through the hundred-acre forest. He’s charming and lovable, especially considering the fact that the couple have a kind of simulated sibling relationship, but Tigger seems to have a knack for finding trouble, and Roo often joins in with him.

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From being up in a tree to getting stuck with gum, Tigger hasn’t always been the best role model for the little one. Who knew stuffed animals could get into so much trouble?

8 Pooh threw Piglet into a hive

Tigger is not the only culprit living in Hundred Acre Wood. Pooh himself has gone to some extreme lengths, especially in his search for honey. Everything is fun and games until someone gets stung.

How many characters will put their friends in danger over food? In Winnie the Pooh, Pooh literally throws Piglet into a hive like a living projectile, then hits said hive with a stick when Piglet gets in the way of his honey supply. A friend turned out to be.

7 Kuzco throwing an old man out the window

To be fair, the old man deviated from the emperor’s rhythm, but that still doesn’t excuse what could have been a homicide at best. With no time for explanations, no time to defend his case, Kuzco just throws it out the window.

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Of course, the point of the film is to see Kuzco go from horrible to humble, but this near-old-age act is a bit disturbing. At least that banner was on the road.

6 Goofy road rage

For those who think that Goofy is too simple to do something sinister, just watch the short film, Motor Mania. Goofy isn’t exactly the most aggressive character, but this short sees him do a bit of Jekyll and Hyde when he gets behind the wheel.

It goes from being perfectly calm and natural to literally ramming other motorists off the highway, wreaking havoc on all four wheels. This is definitely a type breaker role for everyone’s favorite goofy dog.

5 When Woody tried to kill Buzz

Woody in Toy Story

While the final act looks nothing like the one seen in the infamous Black Friday Reel, viewers have yet to admit that Woody is blatantly trying to remove Buzz from the scene. Jealousy is a powerful motivator, after all.

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Whether Woody intended to hit Buzz out of the window is up for debate, but the record still stands that the cowboy meant that his space counterpart physically harmed him. Malicious danger still earns it a spot on the list either way.

4 Peter Pan Severs Hook’s Hand

While the latest dirty deed done by Disney was possibly accidental, this one was totally and intentionally cruel. Captain Hook might be a textbook scenario pirate, but does that mean he deserves a literal dismemberment?

It has never been seen, but it is a fact that almost all children know when they are five years old. Cutting off Hook’s hand is one thing, but handing it off to a crocodile is absolutely insidious. But what else can you expect from a flying rogue who kidnaps children?

3 Judy used mob law enforcement to solve a case

Officer Judy Hopps is the pride of the ZPD, but that gold badge looks a bit tarnished considering what she did to solve her big Nighthowler case, especially since it involved a dive into Zootopia’s world of organized crime.

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It may be a comical imitation of the Godfather, but Mr. Big and his gang of polar bears have definitely “frozen” more than a few mammals in their time. Threatening a criminal with violence has to violate some code somewhere, right?

two Attempted ax murder of Donald Duck

Donald in Mickey and the Beanstalk

Donald Duck has never had the softest temperament. Fans have seen him get completely destructive when it comes to his tumultuous tantrums, but it’s not every day that he reaches this extreme level.

Anger and hunger are two emotions that can turn into a deadly cocktail, as Mickey and Goofy learn in Mickey and the Beanstalk. Tired of starving himself and chewing on beans and bread, Donald removes an ax from the wall and goes out to make a hamburger with his cow. Without a doubt, it is his darkest moment.

1 The moment Mickey took aim at Donald

Mickey points a gun at Donald

Not even the master mouse is immune to moments caught in less than flattering light. During Mickey’s symphonic hour, Mickey and the Gang must perform on the radio with an orchestra of broken instruments. Donald, always the bitter one, wants none of that.

Just as Donald puts on his coat and walks out the door, Mickey appears in front of him with a gun in his hand, forcing him to play at gunpoint. It seems that even Mickey has his limits.

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