Fortnite data-miners uncover some sinister lines of NPC dialogue that may hint at something on its way into Season 5, possibly for the end.

Epic Games may have another huge Fortnite event up your sleeve. Data-miners have uncovered some interesting new lines of dialogue that may hint that something big is coming in season 5. The season will come to an end sometime in mid-March, which is why fans have been speculating that the Dialogue is related to the end of the season 5. event.

Even players who don’t play Fortnite You probably remember the grand finale of Season 4, which brought a record 15.3 million players into the game and even caused Twitch to have a meltdown from everyone trying to watch the event broadcasts. The evil villain named Galactus, Destroyer of Worlds, inched closer to the island for the entirety of FortniteMarvel Season 4 and threatened to devour the universe. He finally came to the end, leading to a major showdown with Fortnite players. The event set the plot for season 5 with Galactus leaving a hole in the center of the universe called Zero Point, which players must protect. Without a doubt, Epic Games will try to be even bigger for the upcoming season 5 finale.

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Reddit user Stickninja1015 they shared pictures of what they think is “something big” Fortnite. One of the screenshots shows an NPC named Deadfire ominously stating that “mysterious things” have been happening. Meanwhile, another NPC, Mancake, asks if “that thing” has always been “unstable”. It is not known at this time what this haunting dialogue could mean, but it is important to note that both NPCs are currently near Zero Point.

Fortnite computer mines HYPEX He also revealed on Twitter some previously unreleased lines of dialogue from Bunker Jonesy. The character refers to an “it” that comes and adds: “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Also, you might say “I don’t know how it got here.” Again, it is unknown who Bunker Jonesy is referring to or if he has anything to do with the season 5 finale, but the dialogue is certainly haunting.

Fans have speculated that the dialogue and season 5 finale may be related to an organization called The Seven, which has been inactive since Season 1 chapter 3. The group could be planning to sabotage Zero Point. In any case, the season 5 finale is still a month away, and data miners have already discovered another crossover to come. Fortnite coming soon: Disney’s Tron. It seems like there’s still a lot in store for this season, so the biggest thing on its way will likely be delayed, for now.

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Sources: Stickninja1015 / HYPEX

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