Godzilla: singular point is bringing many classic kaiju from the franchise’s long history to the modern age. The anime trailer already showed the return of Rodan, Gabara, Anguirus and everyone’s favorite Ultraman copy, Jet Jaguar. However, these are far from the only kaiju that could return from the Showa and Heisei Ages in this modern anime.

While many of Godzilla’s most famous foes have had multiple appearances, such as King Ghidorah, Mechagodzilla, Mothra, and Gigan, many others have had one or two appearances in the movies at most. Some had a significant impact, such as the MUTO or Destoroyah. Others, however, remain in semi-darkness despite being a great kaiju. The following are some of Godzilla’s lesser-known foes that could shine in Godzilla: singular point.

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Godzilla has multiple evil counterparts, from Mechagodzilla to SpaceGodzilla, but Mothra only has Battra. Battra is an enemy sealed underground by Mothra several thousand years ago, only for him to reawaken in the Heisei era movie. Godzilla vs. Mothra. At first, Mothra and Battra fight each other, but once Battra sees Godzilla violently attacking Mothra, the two moths put their differences aside to defeat Godzilla.

Battra is, in essence, a weaker and more evil version of Mothra who, for some reason, has never taken root in Mothra folk lore. While Mothra has appeared several times, Battra appeared in a movie (more footage in Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla). There is potential in Godzilla: singular point for Battra to become a conventional kaiju.

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Hedorah is an alien from the Dark Gas Nebula who fed on the world’s pollution and filth, allowing him to gain a great deal of mass and power and become a worthy foe from the Godzilla Showa era movie. Godzilla vs. Hedorah. In their battle, Hedorah proved to be a dangerous and toxic villain. He is almost completely immune to Godzilla’s atomic breath, can spew chunks of his body in the form of malleable sludge, and when he bleeds, he sprays acid poison.

Despite a brief appearance in Godzilla: Final Wars, Hedorah never had her well-deserved rematch with Godzilla, nor did anyone of her race have a significant return. No other kaiju in the Godzilla The franchise personifies the environmental threat Hedorah poses: pollution. Yes Godzilla: singular point looks at the ecological impact of kaiju attacks through the lens of its scientists, then Hedorah could play a unique role. After all, a walking metaphor for pollution should offer an excellent opportunity to explore how the industrialization of humanity alters the impact of kaiju.



Baragon is not a super dark kaiju in the world of Godzilla. However, in his various appearances, Baragon tends to get out of focus and into the background of his own films. Baragon first appeared in Frankenstein conquers the world like a chaotic kaiju destroying cities. Frankenstein’s monster is blamed for the destruction, ultimately culminating in the two monsters fighting each other.

Baragon would have small roles in future films, with his next brief appearance in Destroy all monsters. In terms of production, Baragon’s suit was badly damaged and instead of taking time to repair it, they chose to use it sparingly. He would appear in the Recommend! Godzilland OVA series and Godzilla Island, but Baragon’s next big appearance was in Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Total Attack of Giant Monsters. In the movie, he was one of the three guardians defending Tokyo against Godzilla, who, in this movie, was the reincarnated wrath of all the soldiers who died during WWII. However, unlike the other two Guardians, Baragon’s name did not appear in the title.

Baragon himself is quite an attractive monster, being a semi-reptilian creature with bat ears. He looks like a budding icon that never got a real shot at popularity. Even in his debut film, Baragon was sidelined by Frankenstein. Godzilla: singular point It could be a great opportunity for Baragon to finally take center stage.

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The Trilopods are unique in that they never appeared in an actual Godzilla movie. Instead, trilopods are a species that debuted in the IDW comic. Godzilla: rulers of the earth. They are essentially a legion of alien kaiju that bite other monsters, drain their blood, and alter their genetics as a result. They are an ever-evolving threat that can duplicate the powers of other kaiju.

While trilopods are servants to a larger alien force, they function as militarized insects. They make strategic moves, gain powers, and then launch another attack later. They even have a super trilopod: Magita. These are adversaries dangerous enough to take on all the kaiju on Earth at the same time. If any threats were serious enough to warrant Godzilla working alongside Gigan and other creatures, the Trilopods are.

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None of the kaiju in the greater Godzilla universe are as incredibly fascinating or as unexplored as Biollante. Biollante is a hybrid of the cells of Godzilla, a girl and her favorite flower: a rose. Biollante experiences multiple forms, first as a large flower before blooming into a creature that dwarfs Godzilla. In many ways, Biollante is what Godzilla earth I tried to make Godzilla: an organism that cannot be classified as animal or vegetable, but beyond the limitations of both.

Biollante is equally horrible and tragic. There is a real sadness in Biollante’s existence: to be this girl brought back to life and fused into a colossal and hideous monster. Of all Godzilla’s adversaries, Biollante is the most Lovecraftian. Furthermore, there is already some evidence that Biollante could play a role in Godzilla: singular point. In the trailer, we briefly see scientist Mei holding a flower contained in a small bucket. It is exaggerated, but this could be a provocation for Biollante.

Regardless, Biollante is one of Godzilla’s most complex and fascinating villains, despite only appearing in one singular film. It would be a shame if this Heisei kaiju couldn’t get a second appearance, possibly evolving into something too massive for even Godzilla to confront.

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