The most recent titles from Rockstar Games have gotten bigger and more expansive than ever, but GTA 6 would be better if it learned from the past.

Rockstar has been releasing games for over two decades and as the years go by, it is clear that each new title, both in the Grand Theft Auto and in the Red Dead Redemption series, it should be bigger and better than the previous one. Even in the era of PlayStation 2, GTA The games went from the full and concise open world sandbox of Grand theft auto 3Liberty City to the huge map of the three counties of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. While more content is always appreciated in video games, the phrase “bigger is not always better” tends to come to mind, especially when walking the distance between San Andreas’ Campo and Grove Street in Los Santos.

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Nevertheless, GTA Y Red Dead Redemption They aren’t the only titles Rockstar has released. Some of them, like The black, suffer the same problem (a lot of empty space) as games like Grand theft auto 5 Y Red Dead Redemption do, but others, like Hunting Y Bully, offer a smaller playground that people can interact with. Unlike the huge open world of games like RDR2, these titles were more streamlined and even linear, something more games these days should consider returning to.

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Not every game has to be a massive open-world item hunt with mild survival RPG stats and crafting elements. After the excellent Tsushima ghost, who perfected this Assassin’s Creed-style genre to the point where any other developer might feel a bit embarrassed trying to keep up, more games should move away from the open world template and back to more linear and handcrafted experiences. Of course there is no way Grand Theft Auto The game could get away with a completely linear and non-open worldwide release, but there are elements of both. Bully Y Hunting that can be combined with previous Rockstar formulas to create a truly unique experience for GTA 6.

GTA 6 needs more linear levels with no glitch states

Grand Theft Auto it allows players to seemingly do whatever they want in the open world, but it regularly leads them to complete missions through a very specific set of parameters. If players accidentally drive too far in the wrong direction, if they kill someone earlier than they were supposed to, or if they simply discover another way to achieve the goal other than the way the Rockstar development team decided that should complete, mission will fail. . This offers too much juxtaposition on player agency and freedom, and every failed mission of an action that looks like it should have been allowed is a moment when the player is not engaged in the experience.

GTA 6 Locations and missions could solve this problem by offering more linear areas for objectives to take place. Grand theft auto 5Although it featured more interiors than any other game in the series so far, it still feels sadly undeveloped in this department, so adding more interior locations to it. GTA 6Along with creating levels that can be finished in various ways, it would go a long way towards making any city the game takes place in (be it Vice City or somewhere new) more interactive and engaging. Manhunt’s The levels were incredibly linear (almost to a fault) and Bully It featured almost as many indoor locations (school wings, dormitories, hideouts, shops) as outdoors. A smaller world about the size of Bully with the amount of interior design skills on display at Red Dead Redemption 2 would be a fascinating way to reduce GTA 6 gameplay while keeping things as interesting and immersive as possible.

GTA 6 needs proper mini-game rewards and life progression

Jimmy and Gary

Grand theft auto 5 put the players in the shoes of three different protagonists, all at different times in their lives and with different goals and interests. While this occasionally generated compelling character interaction, it also meant that players could jump between mini-games like yoga, tennis, and dog walking without really affecting anything substantial. the Grand Theft Auto The series has always featured many different types of minigames, but those from titles like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas both felt more important to the story and also not nearly as irritating as something like, say, Roman’s constant need to bowl in GTA 4.

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Minigames in Bullyon the other hand, they were directly tied to a player’s rating in that particular class. Not only did this incentivize players to perform well in the minigames, it also provided better context for why the on-screen character would do them in the first place. Even though the players were given a full scene and mission to introduce yoga into Grand theft auto 5It is unlikely that anyone actually felt that Michael wanted to do yoga in his own spare time. Doing minigames in GTA 6 not only should it be thematically relevant (such as holding buttons at the right time offering different levels of cruelty in Manhunt’s deaths), but also progress through whatever new story Rockstar Games tries to tell.

Unlike Grand theft auto 5, which immediately kicks players into the middle of a heist and introduces shooting, driving and combat skills at the same time, GTA 6 It should slow down and go back to the methodical progression shown in previous Rockstar titles. Money should be the hardest thing to come by, players should only have access to a small part of the map, and no one should have access to a weapon until they buy it from Ammunation, preferably hours later. Hunting it was a much more interesting title before the pistol was introduced, and Bully’s The lack of lethal firearms makes players more creative in deciding how to deal with enemy targets.

Donation GTA 6 players plus melee weapons, such as what is shown in Hunting Y Bully, It would go a long way in making them feel like they are building something exciting, especially if the game puts them in situations where having a weapon could be useful. By delaying the perk of easy weapon access, and maybe even drive / vehicle access, Rockstar could have players earn these things themselves, making them feel much more personally involved in the on-screen character’s story. . Since players are unlikely to see a Manhunt 3 or a Bully 2At least right now, the best Rockstar could do is take the best mechanics of both of them and add them to the nebulous entity that fans assume is Grand Theft Auto 6.

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