There are many myths and legends surrounding Merlin, even within the Harry Potter universe. BBC Merlin features a talented and endearing young wizard who seeks the guidance of the knowledgeable Gaius as he fulfills his destiny of saving Arthur and bringing Albion back.

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Harry Potter is the chosen one. The one who was chosen by Voldemort himself to fulfill the prophecy of his defeat. So who is the greatest magician? Whose magic was the most powerful? Who received the most support in times of difficulty? What was the content of your character when you were graced with such a burden?

10 Harry: was nurtured by many

Harry was nurtured, despite the death of his parents and abuse during his time with the Dursleys. He was loved and cared for by many. He had the love of a mother in the form of Molly Weasley, who treated him like her own son. He was protected and viewed as an equal by Arthur Weasley. He was fiercely loved and supported by his godfather, Sirius Black. He was taught by Remus Lupine, his school educator and friend of his parents.

Dumbledore loved him too much, who cared too much for him, something that Dumbledore couldn’t help himself. All these numbers contributed to his growth and understanding of what he had to do.

9 Merlin: survived a kingdom without magic


Merlin did not have the freedom to live in a magical world. Using magic on Camelot was a death sentence. However, Merlin needed to use his magic against magical adversaries who wished Arthur harm and sought the downfall of Camelot.

Merlin kept his magic a secret, even hiding it from his best friend Arthur. He didn’t want to give Arthur the burden of making a decision about his magic in a place where magic was forbidden.

8 Harry: he had a magical upbringing

Harry received a letter from Hogwarts at the age of 11: an invitation to attend a wizarding school for a wizarding education, a School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He was able to train his skills, learn from learned teachers, practice potions, and quench his thirst for knowledge.

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Although Harry might not have appreciated the burden of homework, he did appreciate the surroundings – that is, when it wasn’t Voldemort’s goal during the school year. He acquired knowledge that he put into practice. He could go to school and live in a world that allowed magic.

7 Merlin: it is crucial for things to change

old merlin

Merlin and Arthur are two sides of the same coin. Without Merlin, Arthur cannot bring peace to Camelot. Although Arthur dies in the end, stabbed with a sword forged in the breath of a dragon, Merlin is still alive and still awaiting Arthur’s return.

Arthur is said to return when Albion needs him. Merlin has dedicated himself to his destiny: to the union of magic and the future that he knows will come. He is alone, heartbroken and defeated in spirit, with nothing but his will and faith to carry him forward.

6 Harry: is the true master of death

Harry came to possess Dumbledore’s Invisibility Cloak, as his father left it in Dumbeldore’s possession before he died. Harry was given the Resurrection Stone, another Deathly Hallows, inside the Snitch that he had left in Dumbledore’s will. The Elder Wand ended up in Harry’s hands after he took Draco’s wand, which was the wand that had disarmed Dumbledore before he died.

He is told: “You are the true master of death because the true master does not seek to flee from Death. He accepts that he must die and understands that there are much, much worse things in the living world than dying.”

5 Merlin: is a lord of the dragons

Dragon on Merlin

Merlin is the last Lord of the Dragons. He inherited the ability to communicate and tame dragons from his father. It is a spiritual and kindred connection.

Innate and hidden power only materializes when the child’s father passes away. Merlin has the ability to bring a new Dragon to earth by giving the egg a name. He has access to the fire of a dragon and swords forged with the breath of a dragon.

4 Harry: has the golden trio

harry ron hermione

Harry, Ron, and Hermione share the burden of defeating Voldemort together. They are the support of Harry, his family and his fellow Chosen, they chose him. Hermione is the brightest witch of her age and her knowledge, intelligence and practicality are the reasons why Harry survives most of the time they are together.

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Ron’s family, the experience of living in the Wizarding World, humor and courage made him an irreplaceable member of the trio. All three just don’t work and one is missing.

3 Merlin: he himself is magical

merlin magic eyes

“Merlin, you are more than a son of your father. You are the son of the earth, the sea, the sky. Magic is the fabric of this world, and you were born from that magic. You are magic itself.” Merlin doesn’t need a wand to cast a spell.

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When Gaius meets Merlin for the first time, Merlin saves him from a serious fall. But Merlin does not use an enchantment, his eyes shine and his will is fulfilled, which requires passing through his magic. Feel the magic in the atmosphere and in the land around you, and you are one with it.

two Harry: Defeat Voldemort

final battle voldemort death

Voldemort was feared in the Wizarding World. His name was never uttered, instead, it was “He who must not be named”. Harry thwarted Voldemort’s plan to take the Philosopher’s Stone. He defeated Tom Riddle’s journal form, who was actually a Horcrux, although Harry didn’t know it at the time.

He escaped the graveyard alive and spread the news of Voldemort’s return. He stood alone, despite the Ministry’s attempts to calm him down and make him look unhinged. He destroyed Horcruxes and saluted death, returning once more to defeat Voldemort.

1 Merlin: is “the greatest sorcerer who has ever walked the earth”

Merlin had many adversaries during his time in Camelot and each day brought a new threat to Arthur and the future Albion. Merlin is known to many as Emrys, “the greatest sorcerer who ever walked the earth.”

He endured everything and endured the pain of the death of many close friends. He sacrificed himself countless times, put his destiny before him and tried to prove that magic must be used for good.

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