GTA Online allows players to develop a variety of stats for their character. This guide will show players how they can increase each stat individually.

Statistics are a big part of your character’s growth in GTA Online. This guide will show players how they can increase the stats of their characters. Pulling straight out of an RPG, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas introduced players to the ability to develop their skills. By participating in a variety of mini-games, players were able to make their character faster, stronger, and much more. As GTA Online It is the type of life simulator more GTA Title to date, the game has tons of different stats that players can level up. While the changes may be small, continuing to increase your character’s abilities is a great way to spend your time in Los Santos. This guide will show players how they can increase their stats in GTA Online.

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The stats are divided into 7 different categories: Stamina, Shooting, Strength, Stealth, Flying, Driving, and Lung Capacity. Improving each of these can make the difference between life and death. Was there a turn that you couldn’t make due to complicated controls? Could he have survived underwater a little longer with increased lungs? Similar to an RPG, players can improve these stats by performing specific tasks. Here’s how players can improve each of these stats individually.

How to increase your stats in GTA Online

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The best way to improve your stats is through repetition. Keep doing the same thing over and over again to see how the small changes add up. Here are things players can do to increase their stats.

  • Force: Take part in fights and sports like tennis and golf.
  • Endurance: Riding a bike is the best way to increase your endurance.
  • Flying: Complete flight school missions, fly under bridges, and generally just fly. The longer in the air the better.
  • Lung capacity: Practice yoga and stay underwater for a while before running out of air. Players can also wear scuba gear and stay underwater until the stat is full.
  • Shooting: Aim for headshots and head to the shooting range for higher medals.
  • Driving: Aim for the ramps and drive into oncoming traffic. As long as it is not blocked, the stat will increase.

The lung capacity statistic is the easiest of the bunch to increase. Each of these will require a bit of patience to complete. Ultimately it will transform the player into a tank in all respects. The best thing to do is keep these activities in mind when completing missions. The best way to increase your statistics and your money.

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GTA Online It is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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