One of Shang-Chi’s oldest enemies is back, and this time he’s plotting against a very different Marvel martial arts superhero.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon # 2, by Larry Hama, David Wachter, Neeraj Menon, and VC’s Travis Lanham, out now.

As Shang-Chi is poised to bring the martial arts side of the Marvel Universe to the big screen, one of the Kung Fu Master’s oldest and deadliest foes has resurfaced to threaten the first martial arts superhero to appear in the Universe. Marvel Cinematic: Iron. Fist.

And while Danny Rand is far from alone as he embarks on a mystical adventure that delves into the lore behind the Iron Fist and the Immortal Weapons, he discovers that the Shang-Chi antagonist Midnight Sun is already one step ahead of him as he travels. . to the capitals of heaven in Iron Fist: Dragon Heart # two.

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Iron Fist Family

Created by Steve Englehart, Jim Starlin and Al Milgrom in 1974 Marvel Special Edition # 16, M’Nai Was A Boy Who Grew Up In A Small African Village That Villain Fu Manchu Used As One Of His Global Hideouts. When the British army attacked the village, M’Nai’s family was killed and he suffered horrible facial scars. During the attack, Fu Manchu noticed that the boy was not crying and was impressed by his determination at such a young age. Deciding to adopt him, Fu Manchu raised M’Nai alongside her biological son Shang-Chi, and the two children faced off as rivals, friends, and siblings. This brotherhood would come to an abrupt end when Shang-Chi discovered the true extent of her father’s villainy and rebelled against him. Sent by Fu Manchu to kill Shang-Chi, M’Nai, who now goes by the nickname Midnight, died after losing his balance while throwing a kick, accidentally hanging himself.

Midnight’s body was recovered by the Kree to become a warrior capable of fighting directly against the Silver Surfer, with genetic experimentation and cybernetic implants that gave Shang-Chi’s foster brother superhuman levels of strength, speed, and endurance. Able to survive in the vacuum of outer space, M’Nai now referred to himself as Midnight Sun and is capable of physically injuring the Surfer. After regaining memories of her past life, Midnight Sun rebelled against the Kree and started her own criminal empire on Earth while harboring her old grudge against Shang-Chi.

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Marvel Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun returns as Iron Fist leads his team of immortal weapons into the enchanted capital city of Bao Fu to prevent the otherworldly martial arts paradise that links the eight sky capital cities from collapsing. Midnight Sun is commanding an army of undead ninjas, similar to the ones that Iron Fist and Luke Cage fought in New York City. Midnight Sun and her minions worked to prevent the heroes from gaining access to heaven so that their diabolical plan to plunge the world into darkness by collapsing the sky itself could come true.

Midnight Sun was last seen interrupting a date between Shang-Chi and Domino in Hong Kong. It is currently unknown how he got to Bao Fu and if he is aligned with Taskmaster and Lady Bullseye, who have threatened Iron Fist and Luke Cage before. And while the Immortal Weapons were able to push Midnight Sun and her ninjas back for now, Shang-Chi’s brother certainly has a bad habit of not staying down for long.

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