While film legend Jackie Chan may be best known for his groundbreaking and dangerous stunts, as well as the dynamic fight choreography that has made him a star in various countries, fans of the Hong Kong-born actor-turned-filmmaker too. they know him a little. from a world traveler who has visited various historical and iconic places in his films.

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Of course, Jackie Chan doesn’t just visit places like a normal tourist, he goes there to perform incredible fight scenes around the world that have made him a global star and a favorite among fans of martial arts and comedy alike. Today we will explore some of the most memorable places Jackie Chan has wrestled on the big screen over the years.

10 Los Angeles Convention Center – Rush Hour (1998)


Jackie Chan teamed up with Chris Tucker for the 1998 buddy copy action Rush hour, in which Inspector Lee from Hong Kong teamed up with LAPD Detective Carter to help solve the kidnapping of the daughter of the Chinese consulate.

As Chan and Tucker amusingly cruising the city streets on the iconic Hollywood Tour and hitting local spots like Foo Chow Restaurant, the climax took place at an exhibition of Chinese art held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. , which featured a great fight scene and stunts that helped launch the Rush hour franchise.

9 Willemswerf Skyscraper – Who am I? (1998)

JACKIE CHAN LOCATIONS - Willemswerf Skyscraper at Who Am I

From 1998 Who I am? presented an amnesiac Jackie Chan while recovering from a head injury with an African tribe who named him “Who am I?” after his confusing answer to your questions about his name. He then tried to discover the truth about his identity as a special agent of the Hong Kong Special Forces who was investigating the kidnapping of several scientists.

When the trail led him to the hijackers at the Willemswerf skyscraper in the Netherlands, Jackie Chan ran unforgettably through the building’s sloping exterior design to escape before a final showdown on the city’s famous Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam.

8 The Forbidden City – Shanghai Noon (2000)

JACKIE CHAN LOCATIONS - The Forbidden City in Shanghai at noon

Jackie Chan played Chon Wang alongside Owen Wilson’s Roy O’Bannon in the 2000s. Shanghai noon, which saw Imperial China meet the Wild West after a princess (Lucy Liu) was kidnapped from The Forbidden City.

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While there aren’t many fight scenes that occur in The Forbidden City in the movie beyond the Imperial Guard training, the sequel featured a murderous robbery that took a more detailed look at the beautiful location.

7 The Desert Inn – Rush Hour 2 (2001)

JACKIE CHAN LOCATIONS - Red Dragon Casino at Rush Hour 2

2001 saw the release of Chan and Tucker Rush hour 2, which led the new friends to Inspector Lee’s territory in Hong Kong before returning to the United States while they tracked down a Triad leader involved with counterfeit money who was also revealed to have killed Lee’s father.

Lee and Carter ended up in Las Vegas at the Red Dragon Casino, which was actually the iconic Desert Inn on the Las Vegas Strip that was featured in several movies prior to its demolition and replacement by the Wynn Hotel. However, it was painted and almost unrecognizable to those unfamiliar with the landmark due to the hotel’s closure prior to filming.

6 Buckingham Palace – Knights of Shanghai (2003)

JACKIE CHAN LOCATIONS - Buckingham Palace in Shanghai Knights

Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan reunited in 2003 Knights of Shanghai, which pulled both characters out of their comfort zones while traveling to London, England, following the theft of the Imperial Seal of China from The Forbidden City.

The duo visited several iconic landmarks in the city, including Madame Tussauds wax museum, although they were forced to confront the guards hiding behind the paintings at Buckingham Palace after breaking into a gala held at the iconic mansion. royal disguised as Major General “Sherlock Holmes” and the “Maharaja of Nevada”.

5 Big Ben – Knights of Shanghai (2003)

JACKIE CHAN LOCATIONS - Big Ben in Shanghai Knights

As if fighting your way through Madame Tussauds and Buckingham Palace wasn’t enough for Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson, the climax of 2003. Knights of Shanghai saw the final battle between Chon Wang and Lord Rathbone (Aidan Gillen) take place inside one of London’s best-known landmarks, Big Ben.

Rathbone’s theft of the Imperial Seal and his attempted forced succession to the throne resulted in the death of Wang’s father and the kidnapping of his sister, prompting his dynamic sword fighting through the inner workings of the Clock Tower. From london.

4 Dublin Castle – The Medallion (2003)

2003 The medallion saw Jackie Chan as Hong Kong police officer Eddie Yang who was working with Interpol to stop the kidnapping of a child who was involved in a prophecy to fuse two halves of a powerful ancient medallion that was capable of many things , including the resurrection of Yang after sacrificing himself to save the boy.

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Enhanced abilities were awarded to him when he returned, although the boy was captured and taken to Dublin, Ireland. The lair of the evil villain at the end of The medallion It is the historic Dublin Castle, which was the former seat of British power in Ireland and has had several appearances in movies and television.

3 The Orient Express – Around the World in 80 Days (2004)

Disney released a loose adaptation of Jules Verne Around the world in 80 days in 2004, which followed a British scientist and his valet (Jackie Chan) as they attempted to win a round-the-world gamble, while avoiding a corrupt (but lovable) police inspector and a group of highly trained warriors looking for to the stolen. Jade Buddha statue.

They visited several prominent places like the Montmartre artists district in Paris and the dock warehouse containing pieces of the Statue of Liberty, but it is the scene of the most famous train fight in the world that really stood out.

two Eiffel Tower – Rush Hour 3 (2007)

JACKIE CHAN LOCATIONS - Eiffel Tower at rush hour 3

The hit Rush hour franchise starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker came to an end in 2007 with Rush hour 3, which reunited separated friends Lee and Carter after the Chinese consulate was assassinated by Lee’s brother in an ongoing fight with the Chinese Triad.

After the deceased Chinese consulate’s adult daughter was again kidnapped by Lee’s brother and a corrupt French ambassador and taken to the Eiffel Tower. The climax of the film takes place on different levels of the famous tower, both inside and out, as a series of dangerous stunts and battles ensue.

1 Lambeth Bridge – The Stranger (2017)


Jackie Chan starred alongside Pierce Brosnan in 2017 Abroad, which followed a series of bombings by a separate IRA group that claimed the life of the daughter of the restaurant owner and former special forces agent Ngoc Minh Quan, who is charged with taking revenge on those responsible by any means necessary.

He targeted Irish politician and former IRA leader Liam Hennessy (Brosnan) to find out the names of those involved as the shelling continued. Fight scenes occurred at various historic locations in Ireland, including a scene involving an explosion on a bus on Lambeth Bridge that resulted in a number of calls to the police by concerned citizens.

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