What if ‘WandaVision’ but with brutal murder?

Annie Murphy in Kevin Can F Himself

AMC has released the first trailer for Kevin can fuck himself and it’s a direct gift to anyone who’s going through Annie murphy withdrawal since the conclusion of Schitt’s cove but I also wonder what it would be like if Alexis Rose blew up and murdered a guy. Hell yeah this looks fantastic is what I’m saying here.

Created by Valerie armstrong (Lodge 49), Kevin can fuck himself Visually alternates between the impeccably clean and ultra-lit aesthetic of a single camera sitcom and the bleak grays of a typical AMC drama. It’s a choice designed to take you into the mind space of Allison (Murphy), a beleaguered housewife who one day decides she wants to kill her rude husband, Kevin (Eric Petersen). And yes, the show is inspired by CBS. Kevin can wait, the Kevin James series that ended notoriously Erinn hayes‘wife character for no reason.

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“I saw an episode here and there of Kevin can wait but there comes a point where you’re like, SHIT this, “said Murphy Vanity fair. “For example, getting angry instead of getting any source of entertainment. I got it pretty quickly.”

Kevin can fuck himself also stars Mary Hollis Inboden, Raymond Lee, Y Brian Lowe. Check out the trailer below. The series debuts on AMC and AMC + this summer.

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Here is the official synopsis of Kevin can fuck himself:

This is the story of a woman who continues to play at being a perfect housewife. Then one day she realizes what she wants: to kill her husband. Emmy winner Annie Murphy (Schitt’s Creek) stars in KEVIN CAN F ** K HIMSELF, coming to AMC Summer 2021 ‘.

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