Taskmaster routinely takes on some of Marvel’s heaviest hitters and even manages to get the occasional win. This is how you do it.

In a universe full of characters with immense power, Foreman He doesn’t seem like he’s one of Marvel’s main villains, but he constantly manages to take on beings much stronger than himself. So how does he do it? The comics have the answer.

Marvel is ongoing Foreman The Jed MacKay series has Taskmaster teaming up with Nick Fury after he is framed for killing Maria Hill from the Avengers. To clear his name, Taskmaster will need to use his photographic reflections to copy the kinesic signatures of three high-ranking officers in order to unlock the file that Hill was investigating prior to his death. In issue 2, Taskmaster’s attempt to observe Phil Coulson fails in a battle with Hyperion, Marvel’s version of Superman. Despite being severely outmatched, Taskmaster manages to secure a victory over Hyperion with special kryptonite. Taskmaster’s photographic reflections may not allow him to copy the real powers of any superhumans, but they are still useful in fighting them.

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Thanks to his years of experience fighting the Avengers and other Marvel superheroes, Taskmaster has memorized a host of fighting styles and techniques, which he makes extensive use of in Issue 3. However, this issue also revealed another benefit of the Taskmaster skills. After infiltrating Buramsan Mountain following Marvel’s new South Korean hero Taegukgi, Taskmaster watches director Ami Han to obtain her kinesic signature and immediately realizes that he is not what he seems. “There’s something about Han …” Taskmaster says: “She is like Hyperion. Like Taegukgi. She may be pretending to be human, but she’s not … Improved physiognomy, no doubt. I bet the senses improved too. “ Sure enough, Ami Han is later revealed as the White Fox, proving that Taskmaster can identify superhumans with ease.

If that’s not proof enough, at Marvel’s Power Pack No. 3 By Ryan North, Taskmaster proves that not only can he know when someone has superpowers, but he can even know what their powers are. When Zero-G tries to increase the gravity around Taskmaster to make it difficult for him to move, Taskmaster can immediately infer what his abilities are based on his behavior and posture. Furthermore, he can also say that his personal gravity increased by 10%, showing hyper-awareness of his surroundings. Although the Power Pack manages to outwit him, Taskmaster proved that he can analyze his enemies and determine their strengths and weaknesses with just a glance, which explains how he constantly takes on much more powerful opponents and emerges victorious.

Taskmaster’s mind is an arsenal of the best techniques of the best Marvel fighters. Add that to your ability to infer beforehand what your opponents’ capabilities are and it makes a lot more sense why Foreman He is one of the toughest villains in Marvel.

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