When two universes collide, things are likely to get a little crazy, especially if super-powerful individuals with divine abilities are involved. The MCU and the DCEU are unique and very different from each other, despite sharing many similarities. And if Marvel heroes were ever to meet DC’s champions, the result would be interesting, to say the least.

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Lasting friendships could be formed through shared experiences and similar interests. In fact, some of these people are so personable and outgoing that they could befriend anyone. However, some matchups would result in instant catastrophe, proving that not all hero teams are meant to last.

10 Wouldn’t work: Cyborg and Winter Soldier

Ray Fisher as Cyborg and Sebastian Stan as Winter Soldier

Two tortured souls who are learning to deal with the world can find support for each other. However, when the souls in question are Victor Stone and Bucky Barnes, things will not go as planned. They are both understandably suspicious of those around them and have a hard time relating to others.

They share similarities, such as the considerable power they both possess and something they resent, and a devious past that refuses to stay buried. However, they also built high and thick walls to protect themselves from a world that fears them, so it would take more than a superficial connection to bring them down.

9 Would it work: Aquaman and Valkyrie

Jason Momoa as Aquaman and Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie

Restless lies the head that wears the crown. So who better to understand a King than another King? Aquaman and Valkyrie are new to the problems of ruling, so they could support each other during the test, learning from each other’s vast experiences in the process.

They were going to go on epic binges to see which one lasted longer, only to find that they both have a Herculean resistance to liquor. And they could even act as each other’s wing, especially since Valkyrie is still single and looking for a queen of her own.

8 It wouldn’t work: Batman and Thor

Ben Affleck as Batman and Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Batman and Thor would absolutely work together if necessary, they just wouldn’t necessarily enjoy it. Batman’s dark and brooding personality would instantly clash with Thor’s new comic and almost childish attitude, creating a very chaotic work dynamic.

The Crusader in the Cloak and the God of Thunder would not be on each other’s necks, but they would certainly not be close friends either. They would be the very definition of co-workers, treating each other with respect and admiration, but drawing a clear line between them, thus keeping their relationship strictly professional.

7 It would work: Shazam and the Guardians of the Galaxy

The Shazam family and the Guardians of the Galaxy

And speaking of chaotic work dynamics, if Shazam ever did join the Guardians of the Galaxy, the result would be extreme. Billy Batson is a perfect fit for this lovable bunch of jerks thanks to his joker, laid-back personality, and propensity for breaking the rules.

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The chaos would increase if Billy brought his family, turning it into a real party. The Guardians would immediately welcome Captain Thunder into the group and he would likely remind them of their good friend Thor. However, Quill would definitely clash with Shazam, but always in a low-key yet petty way.

6 It wouldn’t work: Lois and Wanda

Amy Adams as Lois Lane and Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff

Undaunted, persistent, and compassionate, Lois Lane is definitely a hero despite her lack of powers. He is not afraid to get into the thick of the battle, and he often takes risks to discover the truth. Wanda has also shown her selfless and heroic nature, as well as her resilience after everything she’s been through.

While these two might form a weak friendship, Wanda’s unpredictable behavior would make Lois feel uncomfortable and distrustful of the witch. Lois’s curiosity would also lead her to investigate more about Wanda’s powers and her nature, which could cause a rift between them, one that wouldn’t be easy to fix.

5 It would work: Wonder Woman and Gamora

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Zoe Saldana as Gamora

Strong, warm, merciful and idealistic, Wonder Woman and Gamora are examples of what a true warrior should be. Despite her tragic past working for Thanos, Gamora is someone who fought to become a better person, one who is willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good. Similarly, Diana follows his heart even as she does her duty, proving that she is both a lover and a fighter.

They would find common ground due to the pain and loss of their past and they would help each other through the pain. They would support and cheer on each other and could even train together, becoming stronger and happier as they did so.

4 It wouldn’t work: Amanda Waller and Nick Fury

nick fury and amanda waller movies

Waller and Fury are used to things going their way. They are both extremely powerful in their respective universes and are always in control, always one step ahead of the others. Tactical, cunning, intelligent and visionary, they are the brains behind a group of people who can do much more with their skills.

Despite their obvious similarities, Waller is blatantly more cruel and more amoral than Fury. She is someone who doesn’t care who lives or who dies as long as she gets her way, while he cares about the one life as much as the many. Fury wouldn’t be interested in meeting Waller, knowing full well what kind of person she is.

3 Would it work: Flash and Spider-Man

Ezra Miller as Flash and Tom Holland as Spider-Man

The youngest members of their respective teams, Barry and Peter, are overzealous youngsters who can’t believe they somehow got involved with such powerful people. Witty and very sharp, they are sometimes seen as the slightly annoying little brothers of their groups.

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Together, they would surely have all kinds of adventures. Their powers are very different, so they will certainly have fun with them, while talking about comics, science, and even movies. They would also be the unstoppable couple in the fight against crime, protecting New York, Central City, and everything in between.

two It wouldn’t work: Superman and Iron Man

Henry Cavill as Superman and Iron Man

Like Batman and Thor, Superman and Iron Man would not see eye to eye. Clark is all about stoicism, duty, and self-sacrifice. Tony apparently doesn’t take things that seriously, despite having a very deep commitment to his role as protector. However, he is also more willing to cross moral lines, understanding that sometimes, hands need to get a bit dirty.

Superman’s sadness wouldn’t fit in well with Iron Man’s wise personality. The two would work together if need be, but they will most likely hate the experience, as they each find nothing impressive or redeeming about the other.

1 It would work: Harley Quinn and Loki

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Tom Hiddleston as Loki

This couple would be total chaos. Bringing these two together and unleashing them on the world would result in a lot of mischief, some property damage, and a lot of betrayal. Because they are both so unconditionally amoral, they would follow whatever plans the other had as long as it ultimately benefited them.

After a while, they would learn to enjoy each other’s company. They would see that they are not really insane or evil per se, but simply misunderstood and underrated. Sure, their ways of seeking that appreciation are the worst, but at least they try.

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