The Mortal Kombat trailer hides a mysterious character who could confirm that the reboot features the Animality finishers from the game series.

the Mortal Kombat The reboot trailer hints that the next movie could include Bloody Animalities and Fatalities. The nostalgic and violent teaser promises that the video game series’ legendary closing moves will take center stage with a surprisingly accurate rendition of some of the most iconic combat moves. From the look of the first spread Mortal Kombat footage, the blood on the show is earning the R rating that the reboot has always shamelessly sought out and there’s one moment, in particular, that stands out.

Right at the end of the trailer, Kano pulls out his Heart Rip Fatality, announcing himself as the winner in a moment that perfectly balances the Mortal Kombat reboot campy / creepy tone. But the identity of his opponent is the biggest scratch in the trailer. From his almost lizard-like appearance, there’s a chance the reboot’s secret character is indeed legendary. Mortal Kombat Reptile character, which would fit into that character’s mythology. It would be a radical redesign, but that’s unprecedented, especially if the filmmakers protect it as a secret.

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Then again, the answer could also be this universe’s version of something. Mortal Komat: Annihilation he was horribly wrong: Animalities. In addition to Fatalities, Brutalities, Babalities, and Friendships, animals are part of the thick game lore of how fighting can end. Added to Mortal Kombat III After a fan rumor that Sub-Zero might turn into a polar bear for a finisher, they offer players the opportunity to transform into chimpanzees, kangaroos, T. Rexes, skeletal rhinos, and a host of other creatures. The fact that a humanoid reptile appears to exist in the trailer could be evidence that Mortal Kombat has reinvented Animalities as one more service for fans.

Mortal Kombat Animality

Strictly speaking, Liu Kang’s Dragon’s Bite was the original Animality even before the Mortal Kombat series adopted them into Mortal Kombat III. Later renamed The Beast Within, it originally showed Kang transforming into a dragon and biting his victim in half. In MKX Mobile Y Mortal Kombat 11, then transformed into Kang manifesting a fire dragon as he does in the trailer of Mortal Kombatrestart. In Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, Kang transforms into his Animality form after Nightwolf taught him power, and the poor CGI involved made it one of the movie’s most notorious low points. Changing the reboot logic to suit later games makes sense even if it means your finisher isn’t a true Animality. And that doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t possible on reboot as the reptilian creature suggests.

While Outworld’s characters are more supernatural from the trailer reveals, the other realms of the Mortal Kombat The universe is generally populated by basically human figures. There are more animal-like humanoids, like Moloch, Motaro the centaur, and of course Goro, the Shokan seen in the trailer, but the closest approximation to the reptile in the trailer is the Saurian race, of which Reptile is a member. His decentralized form actually looks like the reptile in the trailer and while his Animality from Mortal Kombat III It was a form of chimpanzee (somewhat illogical), having it capable of transforming into the most dinosaur-like form of its ancestors makes perfect sense. That would be a significantly better way to incorporate Animalities into Mortal Kombat that Annihilation achieved and maybe just explains the trailer’s strange reptilian mystery.

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