The school for the most talented future young people in the world My hero academia universe, UA High, has many trained people who have the qualities necessary to be successful. Balancing strength, charisma, and common sense, they thrive far beyond their peers.

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However, some students are not so lucky. Whether you have a useless quirk or simply possess a personality incompatible with hero work, your outstanding odds are grim at best. By recognizing UA students who are least likely to do well, fans will have a more transparent understanding of the ways they fall short.

10 Manga Fukidashi – His quirk lacks any useful abilities, which prevents his growth

Manga Fukidashi’s quirk, appropriately named “Comic”, allows him to create letters that can be physically protected. It was shown to be capable enough to deflect Aoyama’s lightning, proving that it is at least somewhat durable.

However, this quirk lacks offensive utility and requires perfect spelling to use correctly, a consideration that isn’t always available in the heat of battle. In addition, other characters possess defensive peculiarities far superior and versatile than his, such as Kirishima or even Yaoyorozu.

9 Kosei Tsuburaba – His defenses, regardless of their quirk, are quite fragile

Tsuburaba was a Class 1-B student whose abilities became known as a result of the Sports Festival. His quirk allowed him to create a shield by blowing through the air, effectively providing an invisible barrier to block his opponents’ attacks.

Unfortunately for him, these defenses are extremely fragile. Bakugo, for example, was able to destroy them with his bare hands. Thus the only possible value it could bring in a combat situation is completely worthless, as it cannot even adequately protect anyone against the many dangerous villains that it would hypothetically encounter.

8 Tsutsutaka Agoyamato – Doesn’t seem to have a place to call his own, even in UA

Tsutsutaka Agoyamato was a business student and one of the biggest detractors of the School Festival. He frequently criticized the performance of Class 1-A and resented the school’s heroes for how much they had affected the safety of the other courses.

Without any notable quirks and distinguished only by the contempt he feels for the other students, it’s hard to imagine him finding a significant margin of success after his time at UA is up. He only has one visible friend, proving that he has wasted an excellent opportunity to make valuable connections at the best school in Japan.

7 Rikido Sato – His quirk renders him useless after use and has great limitations

Sato was a Class 1-A student whose quirk seems moderately helpful. “Sugar Rush” allows you to increase your physical strength in proportion to the sweets you consume. At full power, it was even able to destroy Cementoss concrete with a single crushing blow.

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However, his ability is very similar to that of other power-based heroes like Kirishima and Deku, albeit with greater limitations. After about three minutes, he returns to a distant state, just like Kaminari. This renders him useless in combat after his initial burst of force has been exerted and the responsibility of whatever team he is placed on.

6 Toru Hagakure – She can’t turn off her quirk, which makes her quite a sad character

Toru in his hero suit

Toru’s quirk allowed her to become invisible, making her an excellent potential spy agent. It was able to reflect light from her body, providing useful solutions for dozens of delicate scenarios.

However, the student has a notable flaw that impedes his chances of success; she cannot disable her ability. Not only does this make it more difficult for her to connect with the public (as heroes are expected to do), but it also implies that she could be accidentally injured by her own allies in the middle of a heated battle.

5 Koji Koda: he’s too tame and shy to contribute much to the UA

Koji Koda’s quirk allows him to communicate and command animals. Although this can be a massive asset, there is seldom an opportunity to showcase its usefulness (especially since many of its battles occur in contemporary Japan).

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Consequently, you can only round up the most benign creatures to win your battles, including ants, centipedes, and pigeons. Furthermore, his meek and timid disposition (justified as might be due to his useless quirk) would also inhibit his ability to defend people from the criminal threats of the underworld.

4 Fumikage Tokoyami – His quirk is easily disabled by light, and he can’t really control it

Fukimage Tokoyami was among the most powerful students in Class 1-A. It could be assumed that he has a good chance for a prosperous future between the impressive skill of his quirk and his natural discipline in battle.

However, you have two inhibitions that significantly lower your chances of success. Not only is his quirk easily disabled via light (rendering him powerless against villains like Dabi), he is unable to control his Dark Shadow at night. This makes him a danger to the safety of civilians and could hypothetically compromise his faith in the existing establishment of the society of heroes.

3 Mashirao Ojiro – His quirk is quite useless among the class

Mashirao fighting at the sports festival

Ojiro’s “Cola” quirk is easily the most useless of its entire class. His extra appendage can help him balance between certain surfaces, such as streetlights and tree branches, but he is not visibly stronger than a non-disabled adult.

Although he may be experienced in martial arts (tested through Shigaraki’s first attack at UA High), he lacks Deku’s tactical mind or the ability to anticipate his opponent’s next moves. As a result, he is one of the few characters even weaker than Izuku Midoriya without One For All, and he has an equal chance of success.

two Neito Monoma – He is too immature and acts all powerful

Neito Monoma’s quirk allows him to copy up to two other people’s powers. Hypothetically, this makes him an instrumental and versatile hero, as he can mimic even the most lethal opponents, turning their combined strength against them.

However, he is deeply immature and alarmingly obsessed with Class 1-A. To such a frightening degree, members of his own classroom are forced to discipline him. If he doesn’t reconcile his grudge against Bakugo and the other students, his hysteria will consume him and his path will likely align with villainy.

1 Minoru Mineta: his insensitivity towards female students and his quirky quirk make him a freak

Minoru Mineta quirk superhero angry cry my hero academia

Minoru Mineta was an infamous and lustful student from Class 1-A. He frequently harassed his female members by spying on or openly trying to touch them without their consent. If this was not egregious enough, he is frequently opposed by his male peers for his poor performance.

Although his own quirk is questionably useful, many villains can ignore him when he throws a ball at them. Also, they are easy to avoid if one is cautious and cares about staying upright while closing one’s distance against him in battle.

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