My Hero Academia # 301 demonstrates Dabi’s commitment to the destructive path he now walks.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for My hero academia # 301 by Kohei Horikoshi, Caleb Cook, and John Hunt, now available in English on Viz Media.

The Todoroki family drama of My hero academia It is unique among shonen manga for its deep and complex interpretation of family abuse. With Shoto’s isolated childhood of training leading to tears, Rei’s mental trauma leading to her mutilating her son, Toya’s “death”, Natsuo’s deep-seated grudge, Fuyumi’s painful longing for a happy family. Y Endeavor’s attempts to atone for their misdeeds, the Todorokis are a multifaceted array of perspectives on the way abuse leaves scars on a family.

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In Chapter # 301, we learn more about the circumstances that turned Toya into the mass murder villain known as Dabi. Tragically, he reveals his self-destructive commitment to the path he now travels and the impossibility of his salvation.

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Even as a child, it was evident that Toya had inherited more from Endeavor than her mighty Fire Quirk. He also became obsessed with surpassing All Might to become Pro-Hero # 1. Eager to train with his father, Toya was unprepared for when his own body began to turn against his wishes. The slow bleaching of his hair was inexorable proof that he had inherited the genes to resist ice, not fire, meaning that his own flames burned him badly.

Endeavor and Rei tried to dissuade him from using his Gift, not wanting to see him char his own flesh for his ambitions. But Toya was hell-bent on becoming number one, as his father had once promised him that he could. Making matters worse, Endeavor still desired to produce an heir capable of surpassing it, and thus Natsuo and Shoto were born. Endeavor’s intention with this was to continue his obsession and force Toya to give up on their shared dream: The stubborn boy came home with new burns every day. But it failed.

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Filled with dark rage, Toya attacked his mother and little brother with superheated flames. He saw Shoto as nothing more than an object to destroy to exact revenge on Endeavor for stealing his dreams, rather than a person in his own right. That was the first time Toya tried to assassinate Shoto; We already know that it was not the last. In My hero academiaIn the recent War Arc, Dabi sought to assassinate Shoto in front of Endeavor for the same reason as all those years ago: to cause the maximum amount of pain to the one who hurt him.

It shows how badly Dabi is ruled by self-destructive desires. He’s had the same killer super-target since childhood, murdering Shoto, and he lacks empathy for the rest of his family or even the League of Villains. He only cared about Twice’s death insofar as it was useful to him; He planned to put Natsuo in the path of the villain Ending and he won’t rest until Shoto is dead and his father is completely shattered. The boy who loved his family is gone. Only his ashes remain, as the revenge-driven villain Dabi.

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