Fire Emblem: The Champion’s Blade is a manga that tells a story in parallel to one of the most mysterious games in the series for fans in the west.

Fire emblem It has long been a niche property of Nintendo, even though it dates back to the NES era. Most Americans only found out about the series with the appearance of Roy and Marth in Super Smash Brothers meleeand its popularity led to the translation and publication of future titles abroad. Today, the series has become quite popular, with Fire emblem three houses in the switch configuration registers, and Fire Emblem Heroes mobile game introducing western fans to characters from exclusive titles from Japan for the first time. But it turns out there are some Fire emblem characters so dark they weren’t even raised in Heroes.

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While Marth’s debut game was recently released in English on Switch, Roy’s game (Binding sheet) has not yet been officially translated, despite sharing continuity with the first Fire emblem game to be localized for the United States, a prequel now known as Burning blade. There is another piece of Fire emblem story that unfolds in the world of Binding sheet Y Burning blade however, that has not been translated and is not a game. Fire Emblem: The Champion’s Sword is a manga series with its own cast of characters, which takes place at the same time as Binding sheet, and it has better claims to being canon than one might think.

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Champion’s sword follows a boy named Al, whose past is full of secrets, a princess named Tiena and her servant Gant as they deal with the invasion of the empire of Bern that occurs during Binding sheet. Later, Al, Gant and Tiena traverse the continent of Elibe, meeting some characters from the games (including an older Eliwood, the protagonist of Burning blade) and finally team up with Roy to help stop Bern and prevent the world from being ravaged by dragons.

While there are obviously some differences with Binding sheetSince the manga’s protagonists are not found in the game, the story still closely reflects the game’s plot from a different perspective. Various characters appearing in Roy’s army in Binding sheetLike Cecilia, Chad, and Sophia, they also appear in the manga during periods when they are absent from the game, which provides insight into what they are doing while off screen. And even though Al, Gant and Tiena are not seen in the game, they are referenced. Unique weapons can be found in the game called Al’s Sword, Gant’s Lance, and Tiena’s Staff, and a special events map released by Nintendo appears to be designed around Tiena’s jailbreak. The manga is also illustrated by Yamada Kotaro, an artist who continues to draw character art for Fire Emblem Heroes for this day. Al, Gant and Tiena have also been recognized in the Fire Emblem Cipher TCG, included as cards.

Although these characters from Champion’s sword are recognized in the game and in the crossover material, they seem to be in a strange place relative to Fire emblem Canyon. They have yet to appear in any of the popularity polls that are conducted each year for Fire Emblem Heroes‘, the most recent of which ended on January 28, 2021. Still, it’s hard to rule out the possibility that Al, Gant, and Tiena will one day make their video game debuts in Heroes, as many previously non-playable characters have been available, and Kotaro certainly hasn’t forgotten them. And, as rumors about Japan-only remakes often circulate Fire emblem titles, there is always the possibility that they will be incorporated into a Binding sheet remake too. With the following title after Fire emblem three houses yet to be announced, fans can only hope that this little-known piece of Fire emblem history may come to them soon in some way.

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