John Cena’s next Suicide Squad character, Peacemaker, is responsible for saving at least one world without help in a surprisingly brutal way in The Multiversity.

Later this year, John Cena will appear in the James Gunn film. The suicide squad and his own HBO Max series as the ultra-patriotic superhero Peacemaker. As a man so obsessed with peace that he’s willing to kill for it, the antihero has had his fair share of morally questionable missions, most recently teaming up with various supervillains to get Amanda Waller back from another Earth. However, the hero’s most famous mission saw him kill the president to save the world in The Multiversity..

At that 2015 event, the DC Multiverse was invaded by cosmic parasites known as The Gentry. While various issues in the series overlapped with each other after The Gentry’s attempted conquest story, it also produced some unique issues that showed readers glimpses of some of the 52 universes created afterward. Flash point. The Multiversity: Pax Americana # 1, by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, follows the events of Earth-4, specifically the life of a man named Harley.

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The Heroes of this Earth hail from Charlton Comics and are the main inspiration behind Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. Watchmen characters, with Peacemaker serving as the conceptual basis for the Comedian. However, their personalities are almost polar opposites, and Peacemaker possesses none of the narcissism or cynicism that his Watchmen counterpart reveled in.

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Multiversity Quitely Pacifier

In this story, Harley had been looking into her father’s study and had discovered a weapon. Then someone tried to climb out of the window and Harley panicked, shooting and killing the intruder, only to realize it was her father, who had been spending nights protecting the city as vigilante Yellowjacket and had forgotten his key that night. Destroyed by pain and guilt, he spent most of his time at his father’s grave, letting his health and hygiene suffer for it, until one day Captain Atom appeared, unbeknownst to Harley, and implanted a idea in his head.

By 2005, Harley had become Governor of President George W. Bush. On his initiative, Harley had begun developing a new type of protector: a superhuman soldier known as the Peacemaker. During a terrorist attack directly on the White House, Chris Smith, the first of these new soldiers, manages to kill all the enemies in and around the building. Following this, Harley forms the Pax Americana, a superhero group consisting of the Peacemaker, Blue Beetle, Nightshade, and The Question.

Later, Harley talks to the newly discovered Captain Atom, who was previously Allen Adam before exposing himself to an unstable element known as U-235 that turned him into a being of unimaginable power. Adam is shown a dog he had before his accident, used his powers to separate it, and then created a completely new dog identical to the first one. Harley then explains what his plan is for being super powerful. He tells her that he spent his life trying to solve the mysteries of the universe, before discovering them at age 23, sitting by his father’s grave.

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Harley believes that he has discovered an answer to everything, and claims that he can use this answer to predict future events, calling it Algorithm 8. He says that the world faces a dark future and that the only way to ensure future peace is through his death. . once you become president. After this, Adam will “resurrect” him, redeeming Harley as a villain, due to the murder of her father, and unite the world.

Harley chose the Peacemaker as her executioner, who had been trained with this goal always in mind. However, a wrinkle occurs in the plan when scientists experimenting with Captain Atom open a black hole inside his head and he scatters, meaning he may not be able to bring Harley back to life. Peacemaker is well aware of this, but continues with his mission,

As Harvey walks past the White House and holds a peace flag over his head, Peacemaker falls from the sky and shoots him in the skull. This leads to his imprisonment and the dissolution of Pax Americana, with the vice president claiming that the age of superheroes is over. This also presented in no uncertain terms how far Peacemaker is willing to go to ensure peace in any world.

While Peacemaker was ultimately only a supporting actor in the great tapestry of The Multiversity, this story still gave the super soldier a victory that showed just how heroic he could really be.

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