Jeff Lemire and Jock team up for Snow Angels, the latest ComiXology Originals series that sets the family on the path to unstoppable evil.

Universally acclaimed comic creators Jeff Lemire and Jock have teamed up for a new original ComiXology series, snow angels, arriving at the perfect time, as one of the coldest winters in recent memory continues to sweep across the country. Set in an icy world where humanity has taken refuge within a trench that runs around the circumference of the planet, the opening number cleverly combines science fiction, horror, and family drama as only Lemire and Jock can deliver, with both creators building. yours respectively impressive. portfolio of previous works delving into the same topics. And while the opening number feels a bit fast-paced, the creative team has definitely wasted no time engaging readers in their narrative while keeping the focus on the emotional core of the story.

As their father teaches two girls how to fend for themselves in an icy world where humanity has taken refuge within a huge abyss, they learn not only about the rules of the Trench, but also about the legend of a mythical figure known as The Snowman. . And while this family witnesses the horrors of the snowman firsthand, learning that the entity is not a mere fairy tale to keep the children of the trench docile and obedient, the two sisters prepare to embark on a epic adventure that will change them as they travel through the frozen wasteland. to stay one step ahead of the treacherous snowman.

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Neither Lemire nor Jock are strangers to putting families in danger in the face of extraordinary and dangerous worlds and they handle that issue with confidence at a good pace and a precise focus here. Despite the sci-fi trappings of a world plunged into eternal winter with its bloodthirsty snowman antagonist, this is not a story that feels indebted to its nominal genre, it rises beyond the limitations of those gender restrictions. Lemire has taken the time to build the world and premise in a 21-page prose prologue available for free to Prime subscribers via Amazon original stories. This allows this opening number to really focus on the main characters and the challenge of the story premise rather than worrying too much about building your environment around them.

Similarly, Jock takes full advantage of the title’s polar setting to change his usual style; While much of his earlier work was largely done in shady and sandy urban areas, Jock’s work here only allows him to play with white backgrounds and flourishes. Jock’s panels remain as engaging as ever, even in the quietest moments in history, inviting the reader in as the creative team introduces its main cast. And as with his previous work on titles like Wytches, Jock doesn’t linger in the violent chaos as the snowman inevitably appears, feeling like he’s just beginning to unveil the bloody carnage left by the unstoppable antagonist.

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snow angels Issue 1 is a debut issue by two superstar comic creators still working to match their creative powers. It’s hard to believe this is the first collaborative project between Jeff Lemire and Jock, with the two working together seamlessly to create something special and perfectly timed in the zenith of winter. And while keeping the narrative focus squarely on its main characters, the emotional stakes match the epic adventure that the creative team has laid out in a thoroughly entertaining and gripping opening number that is ready to grow and improve as it progresses.

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