The Chameleon’s secret identity was named in Far From Home, perfectly setting him up to be one of the villains in the third film.

There has been a lot of speculation about the villains of the film as yet untitled. Spider-Man: Homecoming 3, but even with the details still popping up about the project, the best option for a member of the rotation was already set to Spider-Man: Far From Home. The Chameleon was one of Spider-Man’s early comic villains, but has yet to appear in a Spider-Man feature film. With a continuing theme of false first impressions on the Tom Holland Spider-Man films, and increasingly pressing identity questions, the Chameleon fits thematically within the series, and fans have been waiting for the Chameleon to appear for some time. weather.

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When actor Numan Acar was chosen to Far from homme As the towering Dimitri Smerdyakov, the Chameleon’s secret identity in Marvel Comics, fans believed the villain in the picture had been named. Although the film’s story ended up having deception and false identities as its theme, the studio ended up going in a different direction with the image. However, this name leaves the door open for Dimitri’s return as a villain.

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The possibility of the villain who changes his face is quite well raised in Spider-Man: Far From Home, beyond the name drop. Mysterio’s team of villainous special effects artists could provide a bag of tech tricks to power the Chameleon, or the MCU’s version of the Chameleon could be a Skrull, as the Skrulls replacing Nick Fury and Maria Hill might as well have had Additional Skrull. members for your team. Whatever the explanation for the Chameleon’s shapeshifting powers, Dimitri’s return would provide a useful sense of continuity between the images and a satisfying sense of closure for fans who viewed the Easter egg credit.

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Marvel Comics Chameleon

Thematically, having the Chameleon as a member of the new movie’s villain roster would be a strong emotional beat for the home-and-home based film series. Trust and found family have been strong notes within previous Spider-Man films, and a character seemingly designed to undermine any sense of security could be a devastating blow to an already beleaguered Spider-Man. Since the footage from the set suggests that Spider-Man 3 will be a Christmas movie, this introduces an additional element of apparent vulnerability, suggesting that wherever Spider-Man has ended up after at least six months of having a public identity and potentially reviled, his ability to trust that those around him may be limited at best, whoever they are.

Having the Chameleon as the next Spider-Villain offers potential for themes already explored to climax, and for the bad footing that was so inherent in Mysterio’s plot. Spider-Man: Far From Home continue. It also offers a possible resolution for the secret identity crisis that Spider-Man is experiencing, after being publicly denounced at the end of Far from home. If a shapeshifter is publicly unmasked as a villain in the new movie, it can cast doubt on the veracity of the twist from the previous movie. Having an insider who knows who he is (and possibly where to find him) would emphasize why Spider-Man has an important secret identity. Whatever the case, the next Spider-Man: Homecoming 3 will continue to provoke us with hints and clues that promise a third exciting and emotionally important film in the series.

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