Captain Kathryn Janeway faced hardships on Star Trek: Voyager, and died multiple times throughout the show’s seven seasons.

Despite all of Starfleet’s technological advancements, the impressive armada of ships at its disposal, and the highly trained crews under its command, space remains a wild and untamed frontier. No one experienced this like Captain Katheryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) and her crew in Star Trek: Voyager, who were stranded in the unknown regions of the Delta Quadrant and must travel 70,000 light years to return to Earth. The journey home took place on the Star trek seven seasons of the spin-off and pitted Janeway and her team against dangerous and never-before-seen enemies like the Vidiians, the Krenim, and the Species 8472.

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Without the backing of Starfleet, dwindling supplies, and half a complement of deserters, Janeway had a lot of work ahead of her and steered her ship through crisis after crisis, but not always unscathed. If you thought Deep space nineMiles O’Brian had a hard time and earned the ire of the powers that be, just wait: Janeway died ridiculously 17 times in all of it. Travelerruns.

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Since this is Star trek And the death among the main characters is as permanent as the stable reviews of the holodeck, the series always found a way to raise Janeway from the dead. Most of his “resurrections” are the result of time travel and alternate timelines. An example of this is seen as early as Season 1, Episode 4, “Over and Over”, when Janeway and Lt. Tom Paris investigate a massive explosion on a planet and go back in time to avoid disaster, as the crew of Janeway discovers that her captain is missing today. In Episode 21 of Season 2, an alternate version of Janeway and her team encounter their mirror self after an accident in a plasma field and find themselves at the mercy of the recurring villains, the Vidiians. Janeway’s alternate self-sacrifice sacrifices her ship and crew, killing the Vidians on board and allowing Voyager’s original crew to escape alive.

Season 3 episode 15, “Coda,” sees Janeway caught up in a cycle of recurring deaths after a shuttle incident. She is strangled, exploded, shot and poisoned and she wakes up on the shuttle over and over again, all while seeing visions of her dead father. It is later revealed that these are all visions, and a non-corporeal being is responsible and tries to feed on Janeway’s spirit. However, one of Janeway’s most famous deaths occurs in the two-part episode, “The Year of Hell,” which pits the Voyager crew against the time-altering villains, the Krenim, who attempt to rewrite the history and return your empire to its former glory. The Krenim battle Voyager through a hellish year of tragedy and loss, and Janeway finally ends the crisis by crashing Voyager into Krenim’s ship, resetting the timeline in the process.

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Ensign Harry Kim has a chance to reset the timeline when Voyager crashes and most of the crew, including Janeway, are killed in one of the series’ best-received episodes, Season 5’s “Timeless.” Commander Chakotay defies Starfleet and attempts to change Voyager’s fate, returning to the scene of an accident 15 years later. At the end of the episode, they are successful in their mission and Janway and the crew continue the journey to Earth. Voyager comes home in the season 7 finale, but its success comes at a cost and weighs heavily on now-Admiral Janeway. Travel back in time to warn Voyager and help them defeat their greatest enemies, the Borg, sacrificing himself to ensure that all crew members make it home.

Temporarily killing your characters is nothing new to Star trekbut poor Janeway got the worst of it with her many deaths. However, it proved that you can’t hold back a good captain, especially when they have a loyal crew behind them.

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