Rogue One tied Episodes III and IV together with new developments and vital insights into the saga. How did this movie change things?

the Star Wars saga filled a critical void in its narrative in 2016 when Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was released. This feature film was developed between Revenge of the Sith Y A new hope, and although this space in general history had been explored before, Rogue one took the bold step of doing it with a full movie. Many fans agree that it was worth it.

In this film, viewers meet Jyn Erso, a young woman with a rebellious heart who yearns for freedom and justice for herself and, later, for the entire galaxy. The movie features all sorts of exciting plot twists that enhance not just this movie, but the entire Star Wars film franchise. What scenes, reveals, and plot twists had the most impact?

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When Jyn joined the Rebel Alliance


Jyn Erso was always a rebel at heart, but was not a formal member of the Rebel Alliance until halfway through. Rogue one. Jyn lived with her father for a time, then came under the strict care of Saw Gerrera, the rebel extremist. Jyn ended up in a labor camp on the planet Wobani, but then the rebels arrived, including Cassian Andor and his droid friend K-2SO. They released Jyn at once, whether she liked it or not. Jyn soon found herself at the rebel base on Yavin IV. He was urged to join in exchange for later enjoying complete freedom and anonymity. Jyn accepted and the search began in earnest.

When Bodhi Rook defected from the Empire

Bodhi Rook once worked as an Imperial shuttle pilot, but later decided to help the Rebel Alliance. It brought a vital holographic message to Saw Gerrera on Jedha. However, the ultra-cautious Saw captured Bodhi as a prisoner of war, so to speak, and it would take Bodhi a while to leave Jedha freely. Still, Bodhi’s defection was a vital development, as it was he who delivered Galen Erso’s message about the Death Star to Jyn and Saw.

Furthermore, this put Bodhi in position to fly an Imperial shuttle with some rebels to sneak into Scarif and pursue the Death Star’s plans. Bodhi knew some codes for getting his shuttle through, and there was no way Jyn or Cassian could fake their way through that kind of security on their own.

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When Galen Erso shared his sabotage secret

Galen Erso helped design the terrifying Death Star space station, but midway through the project, he experienced a change of heart. Galen wanted this monstrous thing to fall, so he added an intentional design flaw that most other engineers would overlook or dismiss as irrelevant. It was not by sheer luck that Luke Skywalker flew the Death Star in A new hope; Galen made sure that particular exhaust vent was vulnerable and would cause a chain reaction that would destroy the reactor if it were ever hit.

Galen conveyed this vital message to Jyn through the message that Bodhi brought with him, and cleared up all doubts about how a prized project like the Death Star could have such a silly weakness for a rogue pilot like Luke to exploit. Things like that don’t happen by accident; Galen participated in it.

When the Death Star destroyed the city of Jedha

Star of death

The builders of the Death Star were putting the finishing touches on that station by the time Jyn and her new allies were in Jedha City, and Director Orson Krennic was eager to test their capabilities. Wilhuff Tarkin, who was also present, suggested a low-powered shot to destroy the city of Jedha rather than the entire planet, showing some restraint for once. Sure enough, the low-powered shot vaporized the city immediately, displaying the historic first shot from the Death Star.

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This wiped out the anti-empire city of Jedha in one fell swoop, and the shockwave also wiped out Saw Gerrera and his base in the nearby badlands. Additionally, Tarkin used the recent security breaches as an excuse to take control of the Death Star project immediately after the destruction of the city of Jedha. That led to Tarkin being aboard the station in A new hope, and thus, died when the station was lost.

Obtaining the Death Star plans from Scarif

The quest to retrieve the plans for the Death Star took the last major bow in Rogue one, and doing so required more than a few steps. First, Jyn and her allies broke through Scarif’s defenses thanks to Bodhi Rook’s experience with the Empire. Then a suitable rebel fleet arrived to back them up. Director Krennic and his army arrived to greet them and a full-scale battle was fought both on the ground and in orbit.

Jyn and Cassian found the base’s data collection and located the plans for the Death Star (codenamed Stardust), then relayed the plans to the Rebel fleet before Scarif’s defensive barrier could block the signal. The plan worked, and just as Darth Vader’s Star Destroyer arrived, the Tantiv IV (a blocking corridor) broke away from a larger Rebel ship and fled into hyperspace with the planes on board. It is truly time for a new hope, as Princess Leia told herself.

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