It has been extraordinary to see the Pokemon the franchise exploded into a monumental property around the world. Pokemon has been around in some form for decades, but recent years have spanned more Pokemon content than ever before and there is still a lot on the horizon. the changes in the franchise Over the years they have been for both good and bad, but it’s always nice that new Pokémon are added to the mix.

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At this point, there is an extreme variety – in the almost 1,000 unique – of Pokémon creatures, some of which are designed to fight, while others are perfect friends and pacifists for children.

10 Azurill rewards a strong bond of friendship with your coach

Anime Pokemon Misty Azurill Jumping

Pikachu quickly turned one of the most popular and lovable Pokémon, and there have been a number of creatures that are cheeky clones trying to take advantage of this Pokémon’s lovable design. Azurill is one of the cutest versions of this premise and is a Generation III baby Pokémon that is the pre-evolved form of Marill.

Azurill is always friendly and harmless, but it is also a Pokémon that evolves based on a high level of affection with its trainer, making it especially sweet for children and those looking to build bonds with a Pokémon.

9 Fennekin highlights the soft side of fire-type Pokémon

Anime Pokemon Fennekin Noble

Fire-type Pokémon They can sometimes be volatile and temperamental, which means they are not ideal for children. However, Fennekin is one of the Generation VI starter Pokémon and is an especially cuddly creature. Fennekin has become quite popular and has a large support crowd due to his prominence in Pokémon Series: XY.

Fennekin takes his design cues from a fox, but somehow manages to be even cuter than the lovable existing Pokemon Fox, like Vulpix. Fennekin eventually becomes a more powerful and fierce Pokémon, but it is destined to grow up alongside its trainer, which is perfect for a child.

8 Piplup is the heartwarming winner of Sinnoh headlines

Anime Pokemon Piplup Respect

Generation IV of Pokemon Titles bring coaches to the Sinnoh region, featuring some of the most lovable starter Pokémon in the franchise. Piplup, the representative of Water-Type, is a real standout and appears largely by Dawn in the anime series.

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Dawn’s Piplup has a distinct personality, but it’s a nice Pokémon across the board and a popular starter Pokémon for a reason. There are many animal designs that are overused in Pokémon, but Piplup’s penguin inspiration is unique and satisfying. It is a Pokémon that has always shown itself to be kind to its trainer.

7 Jirachi is a mythical Pokémon that can grant children’s wishes

Anime Pokemon Jirachi Happy Wish Master Jirachi

There are many Legendary and Mythical Pokémon that are shown in Pokémon movies and tend to be extremely dangerous or useful Pokémon. Jirachi is an example of the latter, and the sole purpose of Pokémon is to satisfy people’s wishes.

This gentle nature and sweet, unassuming design of Jirachi make it attractive rather than intimidating. It is a very rare catch, but it is clear that he would be the best friend of a boy and would literally make his dreams come true. Jirachi is the type of Pokémon that an adult would neglect, but it is perfect for the purity of youth.

6 Jigglypuff’s serene singing voice and feigned fury are endlessly entertaining

Jigglypuff is another Pokémon that dates back to the original 151 creatures and has managed to remain relevant because it is not just a creative Pokémon but it has such a defined personality thanks to the anime series. Jigglypuff is a Kanto Pokémon that’s cuddly and safe, but his tendency to burst out into lullabies is also very suitable for children.

Of course, Jigglypuff sometimes retaliates harshly when people fall asleep during his music, but it’s a funny joke that would honestly amuse a kid more than it would annoy him.

5 Eevee allows the trainer to project through the versatile Pokémon

There are now an astonishing number of Pokémon that are practically intimidating, but during the Gen I days, in the Kanto region, one of the friendliest and most serene Pokémon was Eevee, which is still true even in modern titles.

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Eevee’s small and fluffy nature makes it popular with children, but its ability to evolve into a myriad of different Pokémon It can help children understand individuality and the number of choices that exist in life. It is a friendly Pokémon that can teach a valuable life lesson.

4 Minccino is the rare combination of adorable and practical

Anime Pokemon Sparkling Minccino

There are a lot of rodent Pokémon out there, but it’s hard to object to Minccino as it is just as attractive as the chinchilla it’s based on. Minccino might not win a ton of fights, but he’s the perfect companion for a young Pokémon trainer.

Minccino is a Normal-type Pokémon Unova that’s always warm, but his nature is to use his tail like a broom to clean up the mess, which means that Minccino will also clean the children’s room and do his chores without even thinking about it.

3 Togepi clings to cuteness and doesn’t want to come out of her shell


It’s been interesting to see new pre-evolved forms and baby Pokémon enter the mix over time, and one of the earliest and most iconic examples of this is Togepi from the Generation II Johto region.

Togepi is such a childish Pokémon that it still carries most of its Pokémon Egg’s shell. Togepi actually grows into a powerful Pokémon, but it is the perfect Pokémon to familiarize a child with the creatures and requires little maintenance. Misty in the anime series it really helps illustrate the endearing nature of Togepi.

two Teddiursa is a live teddy bear who gives honey


Many of the Bear Pokémon The series evolve into dangerous and strong Pokémon, but those who are willing to let these creatures remain in their primary forms will be left with exceptionally peaceful Pokémon.

Teddiursa is essentially a friendly teddy bear and is a Pokemon tailor-made for kids. Besides the cute look of Teddiursa, you can also produce your own honey and share its sweetness with your friends. It’s hard to argue with a Pokémon that it is a stuffed animal that gives unconditional love and snacks.

1 Cubchoo needs the right partner

Cubchoo is one of the most lovable Pokémon to come out of the Unova region and is a strong representative of Ice-type Pokémon. Cubchoo pulls on a polar bear, but the Pokémon leans towards a cute and helpless look from this predator.

Cubchoo always has a runny nose and seems like he needs someone to help him. It is a safe and friendly Pokémon, but it can also make a child feel important, as it often requires someone to keep it presentable. Cubchoo is almost like a doll that helps children learn about responsibility.

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