The DuckTales voice cast performs a dramatic read of the show’s popular theme song, giving the upbeat tune a sinister and lonely vibe.

The voice cast of Duck tales offers a dramatic rendition of the show’s title track, giving the melody a distinctly different vibe. A reboot of the 1980 animated series of the same name, which has garnered praise for successfully updating the original by focusing on developing deeper storylines for the characters. Duck tales premiered in 2017. The show also updated its classic theme song, removing its occasionally melancholic elements for a more consistent energetic tempo. The alteration has turned out to be a success. The song, sung by Felicia Barton, has accumulated more than 17 million views on YouTube.

But in a performance of their own, the voice cast of the animated adventure took a different approach to the lyrics. Along with the announcement that the Disney XD series would end on March 15, a video was posted that featured the likes of Danny Pudi, Paget Brewster, and David Tennant doing a dramatic reading of the film. Duck tales song. You can check it, from Disney Channel PR, below.

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The video illustrates that the motivational and exciting words that make up the topic can be distorted with the correct expression. Pudi, who voices Huey, adds an ominous layer to the lyrics. Bobby Moynihan, who voices Louie, seems utterly indifferent to the wonders of Duckburg. Taking into account that The Powerpuff Girls are having a nervous reboot on The CW, the playful performances suggest that maybe Duck tales it might find a new life in the future as a gloomier, scarier series.

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For now, Duck tales fans can look forward to the 90-minute series finale. The episode is scheduled to include the returning voices of Amy Sedaris, Catherine Tate, Giancarlo Esposito, Jameela Jamil, Julie Bowen, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Margo Martindale, Jason Mantzoukas, Paul F. Tompkins, Stephanie Beatriz, and many others.

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Source: Disney Channel PR

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