For all their immense power, Dorohedoro’s demons are simply boring, lonely weirdos, and actually the least threatening species in his universe.

Religion can be one of the most difficult aspects of building fantastic worlds. Q Hayashida’s brilliant and bizarre action horror seinen manga Dorohedoro he approaches religion by making the “gods” of his world all demons. These demons are terribly designed, but they are actually the less Menacing species in a world full of psychopaths and disgusting. For all its immense power, DorohedoroDemons are just plain weird boring and lonely.

In Dorohedoro, demons are worshiped by sorcerers. These wizards are not your typical Harry Potter or Lord of the Ringsstyle magicians. They are criminal families, drug cartels and street punks who produce black smoke with extraordinary effects. Each wizard wears his own unique mask that feels naked without wearing. These masks connect them with demons.

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Most sorcerers seek to become demons, and this is accomplished through the rigorous and difficult Devil’s Exam. If they pass the tests and trails presented, they will get divinity (or mischief, to be more precise). Noi almost finished the process and Asu made it. However, when given maximum power and freedom, how do the devils use it? Mostly just to laugh.

Demons are depicted as being very boring and seeking entertainment through jokes. This is especially true of the most powerful devil, Chidaruma. In one of the many side stories in the manga, Chidaruma swaps the bodies of Noi and Ebisu just to create a bit of chaos for the En family. His prank leads to some crazy antics for En and his minions, but what is really being said here is that Chidaruma is starved for entertainment.

Another side story shows Ebisu and Fujita surfing the channels when Fujita gets a new television that broadcasts the television shows that demons produce. The chapter is in the format of a 4-Koma gag comic, but with the strange morbid tone inherent in demons. One channel makes Chidaruma fuel his new obsession with pizza by creating a flying pizza carpet and a homunculus made of pizza. Then on the fan club channel where demons answer questions posted by sorcerers, they receive a question asking why they chose to become demons. Without missing a beat, everyone in the room responds exactly the same: “death.”

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Demons are powerful creatures, but Hayashida rarely portrays them as fearsome creatures. After all, they were all originally wizards, and they still long for human connections. This is clearly illustrated with the devil Haru, who essentially kidnaps her ex-husband Kasukabe and takes him back to the devil’s world. They had been apart for several years since Haru turned into a demon, so what is implied here is that despite the power and freedom at her disposal, Haru is not content to be alone and wants her husband to return to her. lifetime.

Haru is not the only example of a demon with no human connection. Another devil, GuraGura, has lived a double life in recent years. Whenever he gets bored, GuraGura disguises himself as a dog and plays Shin’s pet canine of the same name. Noi actually used GuraGura and his sense of smell to locate Shin when he disappeared during the Blue Night.

The last thing you would expect from a deity is to downgrade pet status for fun, but that shows how boring demons get with the freedom that comes with their power. Maybe GuraGura is glad someone else is making his decisions for him, or maybe it makes sense for him to have an excuse to sleep and play all day being a dog. It all fits perfectly with the haunting but silly tone of Dorohedoro.

Demons play an integral role in the wizarding world in terms of rituals, customs, and services, yet despite their religious significance, we mostly view them as pathetic, even feeling sorry for them. That feeling of pity makes them stand out from a cast of very likable characters. It is a distinctive vision of the construction of the religious world. Meanwhile, Q Hayashida’s latest manga, Dai Dark, is moving forward in his explorations of how powerful beings choose to spend their days without consequences.

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