The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will have an HD re-release for Nintendo Switch, and the updated game will feature amiibo support.

Fans of The legend of the zelda sword to the sky received a gift for the announcement that the game will be re-released in HD for Nintendo Switch. Now, Nintendo has doubled the expectation for this relaunch, announcing that it will have amiibo support. Sword to the sky It originally came out in 2011, long before amiibo existed, so fans will no doubt be excited to see how they are incorporated into the game.

Yesterday, Nintendo held its most recent Nintendo Direct presentations to give an update on the status of many of its projects in development. The most recent 50-minute installment was the first of 2021 and featured several games that fans were looking forward to, including fan favorites like Splatoon 3 Y Mario Golf. One property that was featured very little in the update was The legend of Zelda, since the most important news revolved around Sword to the skyrelaunching.

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There will be some changes implemented in the release of the 2011 franchise and one of them is the compatibility with amiibo. While the announcement was not made during the Nintendo Direct presentation, Nintendo Life noticed the inclusion of the colorful toys thanks to the eShop listings. It is not yet known what kind of effects the amiibo will have in the game for the players who use them.

Skyward Sword controls

The rest of The legend of Zelda The news that came out of the first Nintendo Direct presentation of the year was incredibly light. Hints were made about the sequel to Breath of the wild with the promise of more information later this year, but there was nothing more substantial than that. Besides that, the only other piece of Zelda The information was the advance of the announcement of the Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity expansion pass. It looks like Nintendo has its focus elsewhere for early 2021.

Zelda fans are likely to be disappointed with what came out during this most recent Nintendo Direct presentation. the Sword to the sky The remastering seemed inevitable given Nintendo’s recent history with remastering games in that franchise and the inclusion of amiibo support is just as expected. It has become a new normal for many titles under the Nintendo brand and only time will tell what exactly amiibo do in the game. Instead, fans were most likely expecting something more substantial about the franchise’s actual next installment. It has been almost four years since Breath of the Wild came out, which is granted less time than the gap between it and The legend of the zelda sword to the sky, but there is still a long time. There are a lot of Zelda fans who only play the great console games and are undoubtedly ready for what comes next.

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Source: Nintendo Life

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