In The Sinners, the film debut of director and co-writer Courtney Paige, sin and religion awkwardly hold a story together without much to say.

Sin and rebellion have long been two of the most fascinating subjects in film. Religion, like the disconcerting horror of Santa maudit can also be used to further explore the ways in which people might withdraw to it as a comfort or escape the confines of its strict limits. Most of the time, the act of any perceived sin and a devout belief go hand in hand. In The sinners, the film debut of director and co-writer Courtney Paige, Sin and Religion awkwardly sustains a story that doesn’t have much to say.

Grace Carver (Kaitlyn Bernard) is the daughter of a preacher in a devout Christian and conservative town. As a member of a group of cult girls who call themselves “The Sins,” named for teenage girls defined by the deadly sins of the Bible, Grace and her friends push the boundaries of what is and is not acceptable. “We’re not atheists, but we’re not sheep,” Grace explains condescendingly, as if being an atheist is bad and anything in between is simply unthinkable. But Grace wants the audience to know that she and her friends have their own ideas and are not subordinate to the lord. Ultimately, they are mean teens who find out that Aubrey Miller (Brenna Llewellyn, who also narrates) has been keeping a diary (similar to Bad Girls’ Burn Book) about its secrets. Things take a turn when, after kidnapping Aubrey to teach her a lesson, she is left alone in the woods. Grace begins to fear for her own life when a series of horrific murders, all of them members of The Sins, begin to occur.

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The movie’s biggest sin is honestly that the main characters are obnoxious, annoying bullies, with little else in the way of a personality. The sinners – an amalgam of The ship, Scream– and a plethora of other movies from the ’90s and early years – it’s woefully terrible, with a cursory understanding of the material at the center of its story. It’s almost as if he gathered all the stereotypes about sin and rebellious teens, mixed them up, and produced this attempt at a sinister drama without giving much thought to its plot or characters.

There is a complete lack of development on that front as well, with Grace and her friends embodying every imaginable cliche regarding Catholic schoolgirls. When Grace, portraying the “sin” of lust, decides to step up and make her full debut as an immoral person, she sheds the white shirt under her school uniform, braids her hair into pigtails, and wears lipstick. crimson, indicating that it is reprehensible by nature to the townspeople.

sinners movie review

But who is Grace really as a person and why does she and her friends want to draw such public attention to her cult clique? That’s really what it is, a clique. Sure, there’s something to be said about Grace wanting to rebel as an escape from her overly strict father, but The sinners he also has nothing profound or meaningful to say about his plight. Religion and the biblical act of sin are simply plot devices used to push forward history that is loosely stitched together and loosely knit.

The dialogue is forced and worthy of shame, the scene changes somewhat awkwardly and the performances are not at all attractive. The narrative, which is unnecessary, does much of the groundwork, configures the story, and offers an exposition that leaves the remaining scenes deprived of emotional depth. Why not show instead of tell? There is no investment in the plot or the characters; by the time the murders start to happen, there’s a cold detachment that never melts away for the rest of the movie. No buildup, tension, or interesting characters, The sinners it fails in its execution and exploration of the issues it raises.

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The sinners is available on demand on February 19. The film is 88 minutes long and is not yet rated.

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Our rating:

1.5 out of 5 (poor, some good parts)

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