I will never give up on this meme.


Rickrolling may be the age of the inventor of the internet Al Gore himself, but some jokes refuse to die. Fortunately, the music video for Rick AstleyThe first 1987 hit “Never Gonna Give You Up” has been remastered in UHD, allowing crafty pranksters to rickroll people in gorgeous 4K resolution.

As reported by CNET (via engadget), YouTube user Revideo uploaded the gloriously remastered gem on January 31 of this year with little initial fanfare. Using Topaz Video Enhance, an AI-powered video enhancement program, Revideo was able to upgrade the 34-year-old clip to state-of-the-art resolution and increase the frame rate up to 60 frames per second with an open source program called Flowframes. The end result is like standing in front of the same chain-link fence as Astley while singing the contemporary adult hit that launched his career.

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Being someone who enjoys both comedy and joy, I appreciate a well-executed rickroll, except for that moment that I really needed a specific clip from 2008. The incredible Hulk and I could only find a rickroll version (this says a lot about rickrolling and 2008 The incredible Hulk). I also genuinely enjoy the song, and the story of the music video fascinates me to this day. It seems like Rick and his friends are taking a break from their jobs catering to a popular wedding venue to loosen up in the empty reception room and its adjoining parking lot, and that has been my main canon for the past three decades. . My only wish is that this 4K remaster gets a special edition Blu-ray with an audio commentary track by Astley that is itself a rickroll. You can take a look at the video below.

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