Todd McFarlane revealed the titles and details of an upcoming comic series that create an interconnected universe for the infernal antihero Spawn.

The world of Spawn is about to grow even bigger.

During the ComicsPRO Annual Conference, Todd McFarlane revealed his plans for a “universe of interconnected multi-character comics” centered around his infamous anti-hero. McFarlane plans to release four new comic book titles throughout 2021, and three of those titles will become ongoing series. Spawn Universe will launch in June, with Spawn king next in August. The titles are completed by a Gunslinger spawn book launch in October and a team book called The scorched.

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McFarlane also plans to recruit a roster of star creators to help expand this universe. Among the list of creators are Greg Capullo (Dark Nights: Death Metal), Donny Cates (King in Black, Crossed), Jim cheung (Young Avengers), Marcio Takara (Irredeemable) and David Finch (New Avengers, Aphrodite IX). The also founder of McFarlane Image Comics, Marc Silvestri, will also be part of the development of the new Spawn Universe.

“The simple question is this: DC Comics started a shared universe in the late 1930s. Marvel Comics started theirs in the early 1960s … so can lightning strike a third time after 2021 “Personally, I don’t have the answer to that question, do I? Right now, but the only way to get an answer to that question is to try it first,” McFarlane said during his presentation. “This is a long-standing plan that will need the help of dozens and dozens of creators to help create hundreds and hundreds of characters. And then reward those creators if any of their ideas pay off outside of the comic book industry. “

He continued: “The search is not that our ideas live exclusively in the comic book industry, but that they also have merit and value outside that industry. My character Spawn has been an example of what can happen with creation … so, What are the chances if hundreds of creations come together? Marvel and DC Comics have shown us that a collective group of characters, together, in a shared universe can resonate globally. I think it’s time for David to try to join the same stage as the Goliaths of the world. “

McFarlane first created Appear in 1992, and recently saw a milestone when Appear # 300 debuted in 2019 – with Appear # 301 setting a world record for longest-running independent comic. Spawn has appeared in other outlets as well, including a live action movie in 1997 and as a guest character on Mortal Kombat 11.

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