During The vampire diaries on television and even after its completion, some questions were raised. Certain questions about the stories and general details of the main characters. One question fans often asked was the wealth status of each character.

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Many scratched their heads wondering how Elena managed to stay afloat after the deaths of her parents and Jenna. It was clear that some characters were obviously better than others. You can’t be a centenarian vampire without being good at saving money or making good investments. In some cases, the wealth came from some high society parents.

eleven Bonnie

Kat Graham as Bonnie in The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie’s wealth status is up in the air. She was supposedly abandoned by her mother, but had a healthy relationship with her father. She was raised by her grandmother and was destroyed by her death. But it’s unclear where she gets her income from, as her only focus on the show is being a witch and saving others.

Her wealth status is not in question, especially when she’s stuck on the other side with Damon and appears as a ghostly character for some time on the show.

10 Katherine

Nina Dobrev as Katherine in The Vampire Diaries

Is Katherine okay? It is difficult to say. She is an aloof vampire who liked to wreak havoc and poke fun at others, but not much is known about her actual financial situation on the show. Fans know that she came from all the respectable families in her time period. Even after being exiled, she continued to fight in English society.

Throughout his time on the show, he often used his vampire compulsion to get what he wanted. Most likely, you have never worked a day in your life. It is unclear if he had real money hidden away or if he lived his life based solely on the use of his compulsion.

9 Jeremy

Jeremy in

Jeremy Gilbert isn’t the lowest ranked when it comes to wealth. Fans are not 100 percent sure how he made some money as a teenager. At the beginning of the show, Jeremy sold drugs to high school students, so he may have made some money this way, but he might as well have the life insurance money left behind by his parents.

At some point in the show, you start working at Mystic Grill and one can assume that you earn minimum wage plus tips. When Jeremy becomes a hunter, he disconnects for a while and then returns when Elena awakens from her slumber. Later he becomes a teacher at the Salvatore Boarding House. Hopefully Alric pays him well.

8 Mate

Matt at Mystic Grill on The Vampire Diaries

Matt, with blue eyes and blonde hair, is the love of the show. From the beginning, Matt was a hard worker who supported himself and his sister, Vicky. He worked different jobs and was primarily known for working at Mystic Grill. This could have resulted in a considerable amount of tips, as Matt was well liked.

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As the program progressed, Matt had to grow even further and soon found a career in law enforcement. First it was a deputy who became a Sheriff while Elena was asleep. In a small town like Mystic Falls, it is possible that Matt could have had a comfortable income to live on.

7 Alaric

Alaric in Season 4 of The Originals

Putting all of Alaric’s history together on the show, he should have a decent amount of cash in the bank. Before he became a hunter, he was a normal guy, attended Duke University and fell in love with Isobel. After moving to Mystic Falls, he became a history teacher.

Alaric seems like a responsible person and would have saved enough money to live comfortably while being sucked into the world of the supernatural. Along the way, Alaric also became a university professor at Whitmore College. While he had every right to turn Salvatore’s pension into a school, he also had to have sufficient funds to get started.

6 Caroline

Candice King as Caroline Forbes from The Vampire Diaries

When the show first featured Caroline, she was the spoiled and popular girl at school. She often liked to go shopping and buy new clothes and live a luxurious life. His mother was the town sheriff, while his father was off the scene. But the show did detail that she had a good relationship with him.

It is possible that both her father and mother gave her pocket money, but she also comes from a long list of Founding Families in the city. Caroline stood on her own two feet as the show progressed. He even worked at a local news station. At one point, she too lives comfortably with Alaric and his daughters. At the end of the program, she helps him open the boarding school.

5 Elena

Nina Dobrev as Elena in The Vampire Diaries season 2

Some questions arose about Elena’s character on the show. Many wondered how she was able to afford the beautiful ball gown in the episode “Dangerous Liaisons”. The same can be said of her red dress that Caroline had in her sights.

On the show, fans don’t see Elena working full time. Her parents may have left her a large sum of money and a life insurance policy for her and Jeremy to cope with after their death, as well as her Uncle John. It’s safe to assume that she didn’t have much of an expense living with Stefan and Damon, who could simply use compulsion to get what they want.

4 Tyler

Tyler in The Vampire Diaries season 4

Of the group of friends, Tyler was the wealthiest from the start. It was no secret that Tyler loved to have fun and abuse the rich and powerful status that his parents had given him. He didn’t have to worry about financial matters. Like Elena, it is also possible that her parents had a life insurance policy after her death.

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At some point in the show, Tyler leaves Mystic Falls to try to live a normal life in New York. It is hinted that he was a bank merchant and that he made a good amount of money for himself.

3 Stefan

Stefan in

Stefan and Damon are in the same boat when it comes to their wealth. They came from a respectable founding family, but they had their demons when it came to family problems. It’s clear that Stefan never worked during his time as a vampire, and fans may speculate that the wealth gained from the logging business was passed down through the generations.

Over time, the Salvatore last name may have invested heavily, not to mention a large pension. What vampire would need to work? His ability to use compulsion would alleviate any of his money problems in an instant.

two Damon

Damon follows the same guidelines as Stefan when it comes to wealth and could easily have had access to family money. Since he’s Damon too, he wouldn’t have paid for anything. Throughout the show, Damon uses compulsion for almost everything.

This means there is no need to pay bills, buy clothes, and certainly no grocery expenses. Damon is rich in the sense that he could have anything he wanted just by looking into someone else’s eyes.

1 Klaus

Joseph Morgan as Niklaus in The Vampire Diaries

Klaus takes the cake for being the richest antihero in the series. For starters, the Mikaelson family is the oldest of the old when it comes to the vampire bloodline. While Klaus could have simply used compulsion, he is also a businessman, along with his brother. Analyzing the history of Klaus, in the 1700s he helped the governor of New Orleans build his first levees.

He even pays the governor in gold to keep his secret. Klaus lived a life of luxury throughout the centuries, even owning a rare model diamond. Add in the compulsion and you’re the richest man in the world, by anyone’s standards.

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