Former Abraham actor Michael Cudlitz reveals that AMC pays The Walking Dead cast members more money to make fewer convention appearances.

The Walking Dead pays actors to make fewer convention appearances, says star Michael Cudlitz. After debuting on AMC in 2010, the zombie drama based on Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore’s comic book series quickly became a pop culture sensation and a huge audience. None of which stopped the show from saying goodbye to original showrunner Frank Darabont, a move that would lead to massive legal headaches later on.

Now, more than ten years after the auspicious first season of Darabont directed by The Walking DeadThe show has become somewhat less gargantuan in terms of both audience and pop culture conversation, but it remains one of the most popular shows on cable television nonetheless. Of course, TWD It shows no signs of stopping as a content universe as multiple spinoffs are being brewed, alongside the two spinoffs already on the air. It was even recently revealed that The Walking Dead It may soon branch out into the world of comedy with a spin-off that takes a deliberately humorous look at the world after the zombie apocalypse.

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Of course, given its stature as a major genre show with a rabid fanbase, TWD He’s a huge draw at conventions, as are his many well-known cast members. In fact there was a time when Living Dead The cast members were doing too many conventions, prompting AMC to implement an interesting policy. In a recent podcast appearance Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum, former star Cudlitz (who played Abraham on the show until that character was brutally murdered by Negan) revealed that the network actually pays actors more money if they agree to cut their convention hours. As the actor explained (via Uproxx):

“You have a little more from each episode to not do X number of conventions … because some people did them every weekend and that was interfering with the work schedule. He wasn’t like the best people – Norman [Reedus] he wasn’t doing that. His [convention appearances] they were spaced out, because they took a lot out of it because it was such a big draw for the convention. It took him physically to do that. But there were some people who were doing a lot. “

Michael Cudlitz as Abraham on The Walking Dead

The conventions are, of course, a great source of additional income for actors and other creatives associated with various movies and shows, and it seems that certain anonymous members of the Living Dead At one point, the cast was trying to participate as much of this additional income stream as possible, to the point where it actually became detrimental to their main job of being actors in The Walking Dead.

This story raises an interesting topic about the role of conventions in maintaining the fandom, and how that circuit can become important to people whose careers may not be in the same place as someone like Norman Reedus (who obviously has a huge salary and it doesn’t). you need to convention if you don’t want to). In fact, it becomes a bit of a joke, and a sadness, when an actor associated with an older science fiction or horror movie makes a living by making appearances at conventions until his old age. It’s kind of funny that true The Walking Dead The cast members tried to exploit the convention circuit as much as possible while the show was still at the peak of its popularity, forcing the network to reward them financially for saying no to conventions and yes for being ready to work on it. same program that made them. famous first. It would be interesting to know if any actor ever chose to keep their convention appearances flowing instead of taking the extra money from AMC.

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Source: Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum / YouTube (via Uproxx)

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