WandaVision’s new Pietro Maximoff may not be the brother Wanda knew, but Evan Peters’ Quicksilver easily beats Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s.

With Evan Peters rushing into the Marvel Cinematic Universe after his appearance as Quicksilver in WandaVision, comparisons to Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Quicksilver are unavoidable. Fans will always have their preferences, but when it comes to the scope of their abilities and the use of both characters in their respective franchises, X-Men stands out.

With the Marvel movie rights originally split between 20th Century Fox and Disney, the X-Men and Avengers franchises featured different versions of the speedster. The MCU was unable to use Mutant lore, and instead gave Pietro a new background as a war-torn orphan who receives his powers from HYDRA’s experimentation with the Mind Stone. While the X-Men franchise couldn’t include Peter’s association with the Avengers, he had free use of Mutant lore to build the character and ultimately reveal that Magneto was his father.

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Pietro gave the audience a darker and broader Quicksilver in The Avengers: Age of Ultron; a Quicksilver that had potential, but was killed too soon. First introduced in X-Men: Days of Future Past, Peter was a more identifiable comic relief than even critics of the X Men he liked the franchise. When it comes to sympathy, Peters Quicksilver has won the public’s favor. The character design debate is much more subjective, but it seems evenly divided. Some find Pietro’s costume realistic and canon-compatible, while others say he looks like he just came out of a sporting goods store, surrounded by some of the flashiest Avengers, Pietro’s outfit is a bit bland. While some doubted Peter’s’ 80s style, his silver locks, metallic jacket, and Pink Floyd merchandise were definitely retro cool.

The most disappointing thing about the MCU’s Quicksilver is how little screen time they gave it. In addition to a brief cameo in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Taylor-Johnson is featured and killed in a single movie, ruining whatever potential his character had. While not canon for comics, Pietro’s new backstory could have created an interesting character arc. Instead, it was used primarily as a plot device to propel Wanda and Hawkeye forward in their own narratives. Using your skills in Ultron age he was quite unimaginative; He ran fast and well, but the most exciting contribution he made to the film was his death.

By contrast, Peters’ Quicksilver started out as a supporting character, but quickly stole the show with slow-motion scenes that are easily some of the most beautifully composed in recent superhero film history. X Men He also used Quicksilver’s abilities in more unique ways – vibrating his hands fast enough to break glass, navigating in zero gravity, and even the disposable antics he does while saving the day (like giving a teenager a quick whirlpool before rescuing him from an explosion ).

When it comes to using his powers, it’s easy to see that Peters’s Quicksilver is the fastest here. In X Men: Days of future past, Peters incapacitates a room of armed guards in his slow-motion rescue of the Pentagon from Jim Croce’s “Time in a Bottle,” pushing bullets out of the way and establishing comical ways to take down his opponents when normal time resumes. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Taylor-Johnson’s powers are less flashy and less impressive; Instead of moving faster than a bullet, the MCU Quicksilver is only fast enough to catch them. Even in the few moments of slow motion footage, the MCU’s Quicksilver never seems to reach its full potential. Joss Whedon has stated in a behind-the-scenes report that the MCU’s Quicksilver can move “faster or as fast as a bullet,” while X-Men Quicksilver moves faster than the speed of sound. With numbers like that, Peters’ Quicksilver has won this race.

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