WandaVision focuses on how powerful Wanda has become, but her son Billy promises to be an even better wizard before adopting the nickname Wiccan.

WandaVision has shown just how powerful Wanda Maximoff has become since her introduction in Avengers: Age of UltronBut his son Billy will soon be more capable in matters of magic, possibly even before he adopts his Wiccan nickname and joins the Young Avengers. Wanda and Vision’s children Billy and Tommy made their debut in WandaVision Episode 5, where they demonstrated their supernatural abilities from inside their mother’s womb. First, they developed at an alarming rate. Then, they revealed that they can age as many years as they want, whenever they want. Now, they have obtained their respective superpowers, with Tommy acquiring the superspeed from his Uncle Pietro and Billy acquiring his mother’s magic.

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Billy and Tommy are likely to eventually become superheroes Wiccan and Speed. However, they need to survive the events of WandaVision first to enter the ranks of the Young Avengers. Although the twins were conceived within Wanda’s false reality, the magic surrounding their birth could be so strong that they will not disappear once they go out into the outside world. Billy, specifically, could grow so large that he surpasses Wanda’s abilities.

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Tommy was the first twin to exhibit a specific superpower, but Billy scoffed at a potentially richer skill set than his light-footed brother. For one thing, he already developed psionic abilities such as ESP and telekinesis shortly after birth. Telepathy is a skill that not even seasoned MCU wizards have shown, but Billy used it to connect with Vision in an emergency situation without prior training. For comparison, Wanda went from “shooting redheads wiggly-woos” out of their hands to alter the fabric of reality in the span of eight years, while Billy went from growing up too fast to having Doctor Strange-level superpowers in the span of days.

Billy in WandaVision and Wiccan with Doctor Strange and Magik in Marvel Comics

In the comics, Wiccan’s abilities are as unpredictable as Wanda’s chaos magic, but considering his genes and innate abilities, the true extent of his power remains uncharted territory, so much so that Doctor Strange named him after the Next Supreme Sorcerer despite Wiccan’s lack of experience. This is a testament to its immense potential, which will likely translate into live action and be emphasized by the mutant gene, the effects of cosmic microwave background radiation, and the effects of the Mind Stone on Billy’s physiology via by Wanda and Vision. Although Billy and Tommy’s superpowers could omit their relationship with Mephisto from the comics to streamline their character arc, the MCU still has a lot of material to draw from to make Wiccan one of the most powerful MCU characters.

With the twins constantly evolving, Tommy’s superspeed may resemble Evan Peters’ Quicksilver in the X Men movies for when he takes the nickname of Speed. By the time Billy becomes a Wiccan, the young wizard could easily surpass Wanda’s power and possess abilities that she doesn’t have. Combine that with mentoring your mother, Doctor Strange, and possibly Agatha Harkness after the events of WandaVision, and Billy may become the most powerful magic character the MCU has ever seen.

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