Despite WandaVisionWith the direct focus on Wanda’s grief thus far, the series’ biggest victim is Vision, Scarlet Witch’s own husband. For the most part, the couple have lived idyllic lives in the sitcom-flavored suburban Westview neighborhood, with its perfect rose bushes, friendly neighbors, and community talent shows. It is a dream come true for Wanda and Vision, happy lovers and parents of two exceptional children; his life, as it seems, is perfect.

However, all is not well in WandaVisionquaint town of Westview. It is increasingly clear, especially to Vision, that something is not right. Your perfect world is too perfect, but the edges don’t line up. Small flaws in the simulation within his world have alerted the synth that something went wrong in his city, and all signs point to his wife, Wanda, behind it all. The townspeople respect her, sometimes in outright fear, and those whom Vision has gotten out of the mind control they are apparently under have reacted with panic and pain. They are slowly torturing them and it’s hard to see.

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However, as bad as things are for the townspeople, they are worse for Vision. Over the course of six episodes, he has come to suspect that the woman he loves is someone he no longer even recognizes. Also, he begins to realize that Wanda might be manipulating him as much as her neighbors. Here’s why Vision may be the biggest victim of the Scarlet Witch curse.

The scarlet witch has lied and manipulated the vision

WandaVision Episode 5 - Wanda and Vision Fight

Throughout the Avengers movies, one of the hallmarks of Vision and Wanda Maximoff’s relationship has been honesty, even when the truth was hard to hear. Their truth between them has never been brutal or harsh, but even so, they have never kept things from each other, instead choosing to speak about them directly. The same goes for taking turns protecting each other. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Vision is the one who saved Wanda from Sokovia when she fell from the sky at great risk to him. In Avengers: Infinity War, Wanda put herself in danger to protect injured Vision from Thanos’ henchmen Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive.

By now, Vision is realizing that Wanda has been controlling and manipulating him for a while. Once he puts the pieces together, he realizes that every time loop and rewind, every convenient distraction that appeared just as he was about to confront Wanda, comes from his wife. Most chilling of all is that when he confronted her about it, her dismissive response was worse than angry: it bordered on the sinister. “No, Wanda. You can’t control me the way you do!Vision said.I can not?He asked, the threat in his voice clear.

It is new and terrible knowledge for Vision to know that his own wife is manipulating him. However, for Vision, who, despite being a Synthézoid, is perhaps the most empathetic Avenger of all, it is even worse when he tells him that he is hurting the townspeople and that he doesn’t seem to care. Suddenly he’s living with a complete stranger and doesn’t even understand enough about what’s going on to know if he and his twins, Billy and Tommy, are in real danger.

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Wanda violated one of Vision’s critical personal requests

Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff Scarlet Witch Paul Bettany as Vision SWORD WandaVision

In Episode 5, “In A Very Special Episode …” it is revealed that Vision’s corpse had been kept in a SWORD facility after Thanos killed him during Infinity war. However, nine days earlier, Wanda had broken into the facility and stolen Vision’s body and later resurrected him. It was clearly an act of pain, with Wanda desperate to win back the person she loved after her death. However, as Agent Jimmy Woo pointed out, it was a violation of Section 36b of the Sokovia Accords, and SWORD Director Hayward added that it was also a violation of Vision’s own living will. “I didn’t want to be anyone’s weaponJimmy noticed.

Wanda’s act was a double betrayal of Vision. First, she ignored his personal wishes regarding her own body after his death, an act of taking away bodily autonomy and consent even after he made his intentions expressly clear in his living will. Always the empathic yet logical Synthézoid, he was aware of how powerful and rare he was and did not want to fall into the wrong hands.

It was also a betrayal of Vision’s wishes regarding how he viewed his role as Avenger and protector of humanity. Vision was on the Iron Man team during the events of Captain America: Civil War; he was one of the Avengers who signed the Sokovia Accords and agreed to abide by them. Vision’s choice was not driven by guilt, like Tony Stark, or by playing politics, like Natasha Romanoff, but by thinking it through and coming to the conclusion that signing the contract was actually the right thing to do to protect the people. humans. Wanda violating the Accords without her consent is a double betrayal.

Worst of all, although Vision knows that Wanda is running the city, he still doesn’t know, at least not entirely, of her death. He certainly doesn’t know that she stole his body and resurrected him. That particularly brutal reveal hasn’t come yet, but it will, and when it does, it will be utterly devastating for the sensitive Synth.

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Vision still has no idea why Wanda is doing this

Vision Wanda Scarlet Witch WandaVision

This leads to the hardest part: Vision still has no idea why Scarlet Witch is doing this. All he knows is that his beloved and near-perfect wife has lied to him on the way to becoming controlling, incredibly powerful, manipulative, and even seemingly cruel. He finally exploded on Wanda and screamed that he couldn’t remember anything about his life before Westview and that he was scared, but the truth of his past is devastating. There are three main parts of his life that have yet to be revealed or at least confirmed to him and any of them are on the level of a betrayal worthy of breaking a relationship to its foundations: 1. He is dead. 2. Wanda stole his body to resurrect him. 3. His hex is the only thing keeping him alive.

Finding out that she will lose her marriage, her children, and her life if she steps out of the manipulated false reality of Scarlet Witch is a lot for anyone, even a Synthézoid with a computer brain. There are three episodes of WandaVision he’s gone, and eventually, Vision will learn the truth about himself and his false world. Anguish of an incomprehensible kind is directed at him, and while the show has done an excellent job of targeting Wanda’s pain, you may also want to start paying attention to Vision. A reckoning is coming, but because he is in the dark, he may be the most hurt by Wanda’s actions when the final curtain closes.

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