It is impossible for Snyder to make a “faithful” King Arthur movie because there are centuries of Arthurian legends, not a true story.

Zack Snyder hinted that one of his next films will be a “faithful” adaptation of King Arthur, but that is not possible considering the many stories that exist. The project is still in its early stages and there have been no official announcements about it, just word from Snyder. However, there is already a massive problem with the idea of ​​a “faithful” version of King Arthur: it is impossible to be faithful to the complex and varied Arthurian legends.

In an interview with Minutemen to promote your next version of League of Justice, Snyder said he had “I’ve been thinking of some kind of retelling, as a kind of faithful retelling of that Arthurian mythological concept. We’ll see. Maybe that will come at some point. “He did not elaborate on what the movie might entail or when it would be released.

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While there isn’t much information on Zack Snyder’s possible King Arthur movie beyond this quick statement, the idea of ​​a “faithful” recount of King Arthur has already drawn its fair share of criticism. It is impossible to create a faithful account of King Arthur because there is no true Arthurian legend. Instead, there are centuries-old tales, with different iterations existing for each story. Snyder may have meant that he would be faithful to the historical figure of King Arthur, but even then there is a debate as to whether King Arthur really existed.

To understand why it is impossible to be truly faithful to King Arthur, it helps to think of the mythology that surrounds him as a mosaic that has been added over time. The legend of King Arthur was popularized by Geoffrey of Monmouth’s 12th century work, the History of the kings of Great Britain, but various iterations of Arthur appear even in earlier Welsh and Breton myths. The legend of King Arthur continued to evolve from Monmouth’s work as other writers, including the French writer Chrétien de Troyes, created their own versions of the King Arthur story. De Troyes added to the legend some of the better-known Arthurian basics, including Lancelot, but his version, like Monmouth’s, is by no means definitive. Many more writers expanded upon the King Arthur tales, so the legend existed in a state of constant growth that would be impossible to faithfully adapt.

Perhaps Snyder was speaking of allegiance to King Arthur in a historical context. However, that is also not possible, as historians continue to debate whether King Arthur existed. Even if he did, his story would certainly not resemble the Arthurian tales that are known today. King Arthur as a historical figure appears in the 9th century. British history, which lists the battles that the Saxons fought during the 5th and 6th centuries. However, the accuracy of this text and others that mention King Arthur have been questioned. Even if Arthur existed, these historical accounts, and Arthurian legends, were written centuries after the date he lived, which means that they could not be truly faithful either.

Suggesting that there is a “faithful” adaptation of King Arthur eliminates the fascinating complications that accompany a mythology as vast as that of King Arthur. Snyder gets a chance to put his own spin on the Arthurian legend; It could even adapt one of the lesser-known Arthurian stories, many of which are more entertaining and bizarre than audiences may already be familiar with, but must first realize the reality. impossibility of the task that has been proposed and move from the false concept of a “faithful” count of King Arthur.

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