In Wonder Egg Priority Episode 6, Ai’s feelings about the suspicious teacher, Mr. Sawaki, become increasingly complicated. Are you seeing things that others can’t?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Wonder Egg Priority episode 6, “Punch Drunk Day,” which is now streaming by Funimation..

The first five episodes of Wonder Egg Priority He constantly hinted that Mr. Sawaki was a villain. However, these suggestions come from a partial source: they are solely from Ai’s perspective, and Ai seems to dislike him for some reason or another. Episode 6 raises another possible explanation for why Mr. Sawaki is such a complicated subject for Ai, adding even more confusion to the nature of their relationship.

This episode introduces a new generation of enemies called “Haters”, who resemble the green versions of Seeno Evils. These monsters are more powerful beings that can be as deadly as a boss monster. They are created due to Seeno Evils jealousy of the girls, so as the girls enter more dream worlds, more Haters will appear. The name change implies that the creatures are changing from meaning passive viewers to active participants, a change that will echo Ai’s action at the end of the episode.

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Ai’s big mission this week is to protect a girl named Yae Yoshida. Yae claims that she can see ghosts and grudges, but everyone around her thought she was insane and was sent to a mental institution. Seeing something that no one else believes is the subject of this dream, and scenes of Ai fighting the invisible monster are interspersed with flashbacks of various scenes involving Mr. Sawaki. The implication is that there may be something about him that only Ai can see.

After Ai gets hold of the egg girl’s prayer beads that allowed her to finally see the monster and defeat it, Ai also seems to have a moment of clarity on Mr. Sawaki. Unlike the other dream elements, the prayer beads follow Ai back to the real world. This could be a key element in helping Ai finally discover the truth about Mr. Sawaki.

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Ai’s emotional struggle in this episode is due to the fact that her mother decides to date Mr. Sawaki and wants his blessing, Ai is not happy about this but reluctantly agrees. Rika thinks that Mr. Sawaki might be using A’s mother to try to get close to Ai in a creepy way. Momoe doesn’t appreciate this suspicion about her uncle. Neiru, the calmest member of the group, raises an alternative explanation for Ai’s hostility towards Mr. Sawaki: he believes that Ai is in love with Mr. Sawaki, which is why she is angry that her mother is dating him.

Ai vehemently denies that she has feelings for Mr. Sawaki, but her reactions may be due to confusion rather than disgust. Since he is still unclear on the circumstances of Koito’s death and has acted hostile towards Mr. Sawaki because of this, it is difficult to overcome his own doubts. Even if she had affection for Mr. Sawaki before Koito’s death, she was aware of Koito’s feelings for him, so it would be more difficult for her to admit that she likes him now that Koito is dead.

The ending of Episode 6 features one of the biggest fakes in Wonder Egg Priority up to now. Ai suddenly gets up from her bathroom, picks up the prayer beads, and heads to school. Go to Mr. Sawaki and run to grab him by the arm. The scene is presented as a confession of love, but instead, Ai announces to Mr. Sawaki that she will be returning to school.

There are two important possible explanations for Ai’s decision: Either she has reached a new stage of emotional maturity and is ready to face her fears about school, or she is on a mission to unearth more information about the professor who seems suspicious.

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