One of the main characters in Yu-Gi-Oh! The anime is Mai Valentine. Although she is known for her specific cards, here are others that she loves to use as well.

One of the main characters of the Yu-Gi-Oh! The anime is Mai Valentine, a friend of the group who appeared in all seasons of the show. Throughout each arc of the show, he swapped his deck with different cards to keep his opponents on their toes.

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With that in mind, it makes sense that Mai Valentine used a few cards throughout her time on the series that fans might have forgotten about. Whether they have been used a few times or have been forgotten due to how the anime presented them, there are many cards that fit this description.

10 Whip of roses

Yugioh Harpy Lady

One of Mai’s most common strategies was to summon a Harpy Lady to the field, and then power up that Harpy and multiply her to invade the field with powerful monsters.

One card Mai used to use to light up her Harpies was Rose Whip. The card only gave the Harpy who was equipped with an additional 300 points of attack and defense, so there was no reason to keep it after the first season when the game’s power level increased.

9 Eyeshadow

Mai Valentine in Yu-Gi-Oh!  Season one

Shadow of Eyes is another card that Mai only used during the first season, and it was one of the cards she used while pretending to have psychic abilities.

Since he only flips a monster that is in defense position face down up without activating any effects, it really isn’t a card that Mai needs to keep in her deck while the series continues, as she wasn’t very good, just like Rose Whip.

8 Claw of Hermos

After Mai was freed from the control of The Seal of Orichalcos in season four, she set out on a mission to take down Dartz. While he didn’t get very far, he took on Rafael off-screen and actually included the Claw of Hermos in his deck.

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When she took this card from Joey, it is unknown if she would have been able to use the card as she was not the one. However, he was on her deck for a brief period.

7 Harpy Lady Sisters

Harpie Lady Sisters are a bit weird, as Mai used them very often in her decks. However, the Harpie Lady Sisters were always featured as three different monsters when summoned, not as a single unit, which is how they actually function in the card game.

As such, fans may not necessarily know that Mai had the Harpie Lady Sisters in her deck, which she certainly did.

6 The hostile Amazon

Mai with Ra's winged dragon in Yu-Gi-Oh!

During the Battle City Finals, Mai added another archetype to her deck along with the Harpy Ladies, the Amazon warriors. This is another set of female monsters that have various abilities that allow them to work together.

The Unfriendly Amazon is a four-star monster with 2000 attack points that requires a tribute each turn to stay on the field. While not a great card, Mai used it in her duel against Yami Marik.

5 Tri-Mirror Nightmare

Mai Valentine during the fourth season of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Nightmare Tri-Mirror is a card that Mai used in her deck during the Waking up the dragons arc of the show while under the control of The Seal of Orichalcos. The card can be activated when the opponent fuses or Special Summons a monster. Allows the player to summon a copy of their own monster for each monster summoned by the opponent.

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This card worked well for Mai as it allowed her to double her Harpy Ladies, something she was already very good at. Fans may not remember him as he was only seen briefly during a duel.

4 Gravity link

Yu-Gi-Oh!  May Valentine

Another card Mai saw only very briefly used is Gravity Bind, a trap card that prevents all level four and higher monsters from declaring attacks. Mai rarely used this card and only had it in one of her decks.

Since all of his monsters are level four or higher, it’s not a card that fits his deck very well to begin with.

3 Harpie Lady Sparrow Formation

Harpie Lady Sparrow Formation

Harpie Lady Sparrow Formation is one of Mai’s cards that never became a real card, and it’s still an anime exclusive, even though it’s not that complicated or cool anyway.

However, Harpie Lady Sparrow Formation can only be used if the player controls two or more Harpie Ladies. Any battle damage taken after this card is activated is reduced to zero for the turn. This card was used during the Waking up the dragons bow too.

two Dunames Dark Witch

Yugioh Dunames Dark Witch

Dunames Dark Witch is another normal monster that Mai only used briefly. He was seen during his duel with Yami Marik, where he takes control of him.

As it was originally Mai’s card, when she uses it, she loses all her memories of Tea due to the effects of Marik’s shadow play.

1 Amazoness fighter

Yugioh Amazoness Fighter

Finally, Amazoness Fighter is one more monster that fans might not remember. It was also seen during Mai’s duel with Yami Marik.

While the card is a normal monster on the show, the actual version of the card negates any battle damage received in battles involving this monster.

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