Gotham City and its residents have become famous in comics, TV shows, video games, movies, and more. When characters become as popular as Batman and his Gotham City cohorts, products and toys often appear. Kenner started making DC action figures in 1984 and they did an excellent job of staying true to the original material.

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What began as characters from the general line of DC comics, known as DC Super Powers, would continue in 1989 from Tim Burton. bat Man movie and its sequels. Many characters have been created, but only a few have stood out, brooding over Gotham in miniature plastic form.

10 The Riddler (Batman Forever Version)

The Batman Riddler figure

Batman foreverThe more country tone compared to the previous two films was certainly divisive, but director Joel Schumacher created a toy-friendly Gotham City. The Riddler is one of Batman’s most famous adversaries and was portrayed by Jim Carrey in Batman forever. Carrey brought charisma, humor and a very colorful version of the Riddler character to the screen.

Kenner’s Riddler figure from the movie jumps out of the pack. The Riddler is always a great figure because of his bright green outfits and the fun question mark accessories that he usually comes with. Jim Carrey’s image is quite accurate for a figure made in the mid-90s and the question marks look great. His green suit stands out and comes with some fun accessories, including a giant question mark rocket launcher.

9 Transforming Bruce Wayne (Batman Forever Version)

Bruce Wayne Transformation Action Figure

Various Bruce Wayne figures have been made and most of them usually have parts of a Batman costume that come with it. While this costume was not really in Batman forever it still looks great and the blue batsuit is familiar and different at the same time. Bruce Wayne’s resemblance closely resembles actor Val Kilmer, who played the Dark Knight in this movie.

Bruce is perfect because he is already wearing dark gloves and shoes and allows the bat costume parts to rip over his civilian clothes. The figure’s head also appears below her neck so her cloth cape and hood can cover her for an easy transformation. the Batman forever The movie posters stood out for their contrast of bright and dark colors and the same can be said for the toy’s packaging.

8 Batman (1989 film version)

1989 Batman Kenner Figure

The first black suit Batman figure ever made is classic and still stands today. In 1989, bat Man hit theaters and Michael Keaton’s Dark Knight became an overnight sensation. The 1989 bat logo is one of the coolest in the character’s history. That black bat was highlighted by the yellow circle around it and this figure’s tool belt was also yellow and appeared around the all-black classic swimsuit.

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Batman’s white eyes seemed unusual at first glance, but heightened the mystery and matched his comic book counterpart. Gold packaging with the Batman movie title and image helped capture the attention of Batman and toy fans alike. Accessories included a grapple gun and a Batarang, which were used to shoot around the house and annoy parents everywhere.

7 The Penguin (DC Super Powers Line)

Penguin Kenner DC Superpowers Figure

The Penguin has been causing trouble for the Caped Crusader since 1941. While Burgess Meredith’s The Penguin in 1966 was a fun performance, he seemed to be too skinny for the character. Oswald Cobblepot’s squat body is one of his most famous traits and helps set him apart from Batman’s other foes.

This figure’s color scheme looks straight out of the pages of Silver Age comics and comes with his trusty umbrella, which was great for a thunderstorm or if he needed to knock out Batman. He also wears his bright blue tuxedo, top hat, white gloves, and monocle. The DC Super Powers line began in 1984 and had wild colors that made them stand out in toy aisles.

6 Two faces (Batman Forever Version)

Kenner Batman Forever Two-Face Figure

Director Joel Schumacher admits his Batman movies may be over the top, but the studio wanted a “playful” look, so he definitely gets an A + for meeting the superiors on that. Tommy Lee Jones took on the role of Harvey Dent from Billy Dee Williams and gave a cheesier version of the Two-Face, usually darker.

This detailed Two-Face blends seamlessly with its movie counterpart and comes with tons of movie-accurate accessories. It has a giant missile launcher and comes with a hand-molded silver pistol. The best part is the full-size, double-sided coin that Harvey never goes anywhere without.

5 Robin (Batman Returns Version)

By Tim Burton Batman Returns it didn’t include the Robin character, but at one point was “toying” with the idea. Fans were disappointed when Boy Wonder was left out of the sequel, but they appreciated the action figure that was still released alongside the movie anyway. Robin had been known primarily as a badass sidekick in little green boots and underwear, but this figure had a semi-adult version of the character.

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It was refreshing to see Robin in long dark green tights and a really cool yellow and black cloth cape. The packaging also looked sharp with the darker shades and Robin’s title. Whatever Batman had, Robin usually had a smaller or different version, so the grapple gun added to the fun of the figure.

4 Catwoman (Batman Returns version)

Catwoman Batman Returns Figure

Catwoman is arguably the most important woman in Batman’s life, both as an adversary and as a partner. This Batman Returns The version looks amazing and really captures actress Michelle Pfieffer’s take on the fierce feline. His tight black vinyl suit looks like something out of the 1992 movie.

The mask is beautifully sculpted on her head and her high-heeled boots are so lifelike that it seems difficult to walk in them. Like many bat Man Figures, this Catwoman comes with her own personal grappling hook and most importantly her signature whip.

3 Batman (DC Super Powers Line)

Batman DC Super Powers figure

This DC Super Powers Batman is a definitive take on the classic Gotham hero era. Most of the comics up to this point generally featured Batman in his original blue and gray suit. DC superpowers were a must-have for every superhero fan of the 1980s. These figures have recently been brought back in a 6-inch size and appear to be almost as popular as they were in the ’80s.

The line included many beloved superheroes, but of course Superman and Batman were in high demand, so more were made. Blue and gray pair well and appeal to younger fans more than the later, darker version of Batman. The yellow tool belt and logo were universally loved and worked well with both this and the black suit.

two The Joker (1989 film version)

Joker Batman Kenner 1989 Figure

The DC Super Powers made a really classic Joker figure. However, the figure from the 1989 movie added some fun details. Although the face did not look like Jack Nicholson, purple worked better than the blue-purple version of Super Powers.

The green hair is shorter, but still looks well-groomed and makes the Joker’s white face stand out. He also comes with his signature purple top hat, black cane, and a dripping flower. When parents get upset with their children for using Joker to spray water all over the house, they should ask, “Haven’t you heard of the healing power of laughter?”

1 Batman and Robin Guardians of Gotham City Set (Batman Forever)

Batman Robin Guardians Gotham Figures

This dynamic two-pack duo were known as the Guardians of Gotham City and had the two best figures of any of the bat Man films. Batman and Robin are portrayed in their costumes from the last scene of the film when they officially became partners to take on Riddler and Two-Face.

Batman’s mask and head sculpture look bad to the bone, and his full suit shines in all its blue and silver goodness. Robin’s mask is true to the movie, as is his big red and green costume. The half orange and half copper cape are different from the usual yellow or green cape, but add to the charm of this Boy Wonder figure. The package comes with the famous grappling hook and Batarang, these two are synonymous.

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