Tony Stark may have been introduced to the MCU first, but it was he who put it down most firmly in Avengers Endgame. The whole MCU started with Iron Man, making it clear that Tony Stark was one of the main connecting characters in the universe. As the franchise progressed, this became increasingly clear to the audience.

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Marvel Comics fans were hoping this meant that they would see some of their favorite Iron Man stories from the comics on the big screen. While stories like “Extremis” and “Civil War” were important to Tony in the MCU, this meant there wasn’t enough room for some classic Iron Man stories from the comics.

10 Tony Stark Confession

Tony Stark confesses to Steve Rogers' corpse

One of the most devastating stories in all of Marvel Comics history was “The Death of Captain America.” After Steve Rogers murders after the “Civil War,” Tony Stark deals with a great deal of guilt surrounding Steve’s death.

“The Confession,” a story by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev, had Tony deal directly with Steve’s death and guilt surrounding it. Y his actions during the Civil War. This also features Tony’s heartbreaking headline confession to Steve Rogers’ corpse.

9 Tony Stark: Disassembled

the cover of stark: dismounted from tony lying with his iron man helmet on his chest

When Marvel hired Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca to write Invincible iron man they were kicking off one of the best Tony Stark eras in Marvel Comics to date. They completely deconstructed Tony and rebuilt him from scratch, showing everyone exactly what makes Tony tick. No story deconstructed Tony as much as “Stark: Disassembled,” the story that developed from Invincible iron man # 20 – # 24.

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In this story, Tony Stark has to fight one of his most difficult challenges: his own subconscious. Tony gets caught in an endless loop in his own brain before he finally reboots to prior to Civil war. Having Tony confront himself in that way would have been exciting for many fans, although it was never meant to be.

8 Armor wars

Cutout cover art for Armor Wars II

Another classic Iron Man story from the comics was “Armor Wars,” a seven-issue arc that ran from Iron Man # 225 – # 231. Written by David Michelinie and Bob Layton, with art by Mark D. Bright and Barry Windsor-Smith, “Armor Wars” shows Tony Stark enraged that the villains have been using his armor for their own nefarious purposes.

In this plot, Tony publicly fires Iron Man, Tony is kicked out of the Avengers and stops allowing anyone to use his armor or technology. This story even continued with “Armor Wars II,” taken over by John Byrne, John Romita Jr., and Bob Wiacek, when Tony actually had to fight his own living armor, which similarly would have been a dynamic plot for the MCU. However, it seems that a variant of the story arrives with Armor wars on Disney +, at a minimum.

7 Iron Man: Deadly Solutions

Iron Man Deadly Solutions

The “Iron Man: Deadly Solutions” plot doesn’t just feature Tony Stark and Carol Danvers, Black Widow, and War Machine, all of whom have been introduced to the MCU. Written by Kurt Busiek and Richard Howell with art by Sean Chen and Patrick Zircher, “Iron Man: Deadly Solutions” has a Tony Stark-like deconstruction and reconstruction of “Stark: Disassembled.”

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However, in this story, Tony Stark helps Warbird; On his journey and mission to help Carol, he finds himself fighting and helping himself as well. A movie with Carol Danvers and Tony Stark as stars, while Carol learns to lead the new Avengers, and Tony lets go of the old team could have been a great way to adapt this story to Marvel movies. However, now it will be an opportunity lost forever.

6 Tony Stark’s Five Nightmares

Iron Man The Five Nightmares

Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca found gold in Invincible iron man from the beginning with the argument “The five nightmares”. Invincible iron man Tracks # 1 through # 7 deal with Tony Stark confronting Obadiah Stane’s son (who was the antagonist of Iron Man, MCU fans remember), Ezekiel Stane.

Tony not only has to face Ezekiel, but he also faces MODOG and his five worst fears. As the title suggests, Tony Stark has to face his five nightmares: the things he fears the most. While Tony in the MCU has to face his demons, this straightforward adaptation of the story would have been greatly appreciated.

5 Introducing Doctor Doom and Doomquest


Fans kept waiting, hoping, and hoping for Doctor Doom and the Fantastic Four to appear in the MCU sooner. Avengers: Infinity War. Most fans were even hoping that the characters would appear earlier. Captain America: Civil War and take sides in the fight, but unfortunately, rights issues delayed this and they did, so the team did not get involved.

However, this also meant that the MCU was never able to adapt stories like “Doomquest.” Although “Doomquest”, written by David Michelinie and Bob Layton with art by John Romita Jr., has only two issues (Iron Man # 149 and # 150), it packs a punch. This would have been a great way to introduce Doctor Doom to the MCU.

4 Tony Stark and the World’s Most Wanted

10 Iron Man stories we'll never see on the big screen

Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca attack again in Invincible iron man featuring the story “World’s Most Wanted”, which many fans consider one of their favorite Iron Man stories of all time. The second story in his series. Invincible iron man “World’s Most Wanted” saw Tony Stark trying to destroy all superhero records from the Registry Act, prompting Norman Osborn to try to get the information he wanted directly from Tony Stark’s brain.

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Introducing Norman Osborn to the MCU would have been a power move. Also, if Tony Stark had ever been declared a fugitive in the MCU like he was in “World’s Most Wanted,” fans would definitely have seen an interesting movie about it.

3 The beginning of the end

Iron Man, the beginning of the end, cut out cover

When Tony Stark began to wane towards the end of his MCU run as Iron Man, some Marvel Comics fans were hoping to see the “Iron Man: Beginning of the End” plot adapted for the big screen. Through the art of Archie Goodwin with the art of George Tuska and Johnny Craig, “The Beginning of the End” saw Iron Man at his true end.

He had to fight one of his most iconic supporting characters, Madame Masque. Tony Stark also sees the first person who wasn’t him as Iron Man: Eddie March. Exploring these iconic moments in the MCU would certainly have expanded Tony as a character and could have helped Tony find a successor in the franchise.

two Rigid resistant

Iron Man Stark Resilient

An interesting legacy villain for Tony Stark could have been Hammer. While Tony fights Justin Hammer in the MCU, he also fights his daughter, Justine Hammer, in the comics. Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca face Tony and Justine in “Stark Resilient”, the story that developed from Invincible iron man # 25 a Invincible iron man # 33.

In this story, Tony Stark struggles to rebuild his life from scratch. He has no company, no suits, no technology, and almost nothing at all. Tony decides not only to rebuild himself, but to improve himself: he tries to admit his mistakes and improve himself to do real good, not just the performative good that he felt he had been doing before.

1 Iron Man: Director of SHIELD

After SHIELD completely collapsed in the MCU. It would have been interesting to see a character like Tony Stark step in to save him. The story “Iron Man: Director of SHIELD” was written by Christos N. Gage and the father-son team Charles Knauf and Daniel Knauf, with art by Roberto De La Torre and Jackson Guice, and this team clearly cared deeply about Iron. Man.

Tony Stark isn’t exactly a superhero in this story, but he does attempt to serve as SHIELD’s director, saving the organization from the villains and herself. While Steve deals more with the problems in SHIELD in the MCU, Tony Stark getting involved in an adaptation of “Director Of SHIELD” would have been more than welcome.

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