A lot has happened since the debut of the My Hero Academia anime, so here’s a refresher on what happened in the first episode.

There are many anime series from the last few years that have become huge hits, but My hero academia has achieved success that is on another level. The anime series can build on current trends with the way it blends superhero archetypes with the traditions of the shonen genre.

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This result is an impressive and entertaining anime series that progressively matured and changed smartly since its debut. The anime is about to enter its fifth season, but there are many elements of the first episode that now elude many fans.

10 Izuku Midoriya is initially without quirks

Anime My Hero Academia Young Izuku Defending

My hero academia is full of heroes and villains possessing incredibly powerful and dangerous quirks. Midoriya now possesses not only one of the most coveted Quirks like the successor to All Might’s One For All Quirk, but has even gained additional Quirks over time. With the amount of Midoriya he currently has, it can be easy to forget that in the first episode he is a boy without Quirkless. Also, All Might doesn’t transfer his Quirk to him in the first episode either, and it takes longer than one might remember.

9 The first villain is a giant mud monster

There are a lot of deadly villains in My hero academia and the League of Villains they have been the cause of several dangerous ambushes. Shigaraki is on the heroes’ radar since the first season, but the main villain in the first episode is actually just a random mud villain. This monster doesn’t have a proper name or a backstory, but it still causes a major problem and shows the persistent nature of attacks in My Hero Academia. Sludge Villain nearly killed Midoriya and Bakugo before All Might successfully intervened.

8 Izuku’s mother is a central character

Izuku Midoriya is still a young teenager in My hero academia but he’s even younger in the first episode and, as a result, much closer to his mother, Inko Midoriya. Without a father figure in the picture, Izuku and Inko are each other’s support systems.

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Inko is not only an important component of the first episode, but she remains a presence for several episodes of the first season. Since then, Midoriya has become considerably more independent, and it has been some time since the anime contacted Inko.

7 The lack of peculiarity is indicated through the joints of the little finger

Anime My Hero Academia Izuku Doctor Diagnosis

One of the big obstacles Izuku has to face in the first episode is that his dream of becoming a professional hero might be impossible because Turns out he doesn’t have Quirkless. Initially, it seems that someone’s ability to have a Quirk could be completely random or based on genetics, but in episode one a doctor explains to Izuku that it is the little finger. Apparently, two joints in the little finger are the main indicator of whether someone will be Quirkless or not. It is a detail that has never been addressed in the series again.

6 All Might debuts his Texas Smash ability

Anime My Hero Academia All Might Texas Smash Sludge Villain

My hero academia chronicles the greatest battle between good and evil, but also spends a lot of time on how aesthetics and presentation around heroic acts can sometimes be just as important. A hero’s name, costume, and techniques help build his image to the public. All Might’s signature move is his One For All Quirk, but he also has a litany of other powerful attacks that have names that are inspired by different American states. The first episode has All Might showing his Texas Smash Skill, which is not always your main maneuver. Everyone is focused on One For All, but it’s actually this other attack that appears first.

5 The Pro Heroes Death Arms & Backdraft make their debut

Anime My Hero Academia Death Arms Backdraft

My hero academia covers a lot of ground in its four seasons and even steadily drifts away from its main base of UA High the longer the anime runs. That being said, the first episode is fairly content and doesn’t try to stretch out too far with too much plot or an overwhelming number of characters.

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Izuku, All Might, and Bakugo are the central figures, but many overlook that Death Arms and Backdraft are two professional heroes who actually appear from the very first episode, even if they don’t become crucial figures until later in the season.

4 Kamui Woods and Mt Lady get into a fight before anything else can

The big centerpiece in episode one of My hero academia is the fight between All Might and the mud-based monster that sets its sights on Izuku. This is an important event for everyone involved, and it makes for a strong introduction of All Might to the audience, but it’s not really the first big fight to occur in anime. At the beginning of the episode, there is the end of a battle between Mt Lady and Kamui Woods with another giant-sized villain. It’s an example of how strong and versatile heroes are, but it’s a quick scene.

3 Izuku and Bakugo’s friendly rivalry is already in place

Anime My Hero Academia Bakugo burns Midoriya's book

One of the first dynamics present in My hero academia is the friendly enmity between Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo. Sometimes these relationships take a few episodes to focus, but My hero academia teases these two from the start. The full extent of their past is not shown, but it makes it clear that the two have known each other for a while and that Izuku sadly used to harassment from Katsuki. The two learn a lot about heroics and about each other once they are attacked in episode one.

two Izuku collects autographs of heroes

Anime My Hero Academia All Might Autograph

Some of the heroes in My hero academia They reluctantly accept their positions of responsibility, but Izuku is someone who has idolized heroes since his youth and before he had a gift of his own. Midoriya’s room is decorated with memorabilia of heroes, especially in answer to All Might, and it’s endearing that this professional hero superfan can join those he adores in battle. An element of Izuku’s obsession that is present in episode one is that he maintains a collection of hero autographs. He gets All Might’s autograph in the episode, but it is an affectation that quickly falls away.

1 The origins of the baby are shown with the first peculiar

Anime My Hero Academia First Quirk Baby

The quirks have been around for years when My hero academia It begins, but the first episode provides a bit of context on Quirks’ early origins that hasn’t really been reviewed. Episode one explains that the first Quirk was discovered in a baby in Qing Qing City, China. The baby Quirk was based on luminescence, and it shone incredibly bright. Over time, more peculiarities began to be discovered in people, and it became progressively common rather than an unusual anomaly. It would be interesting if anime ever went back to this first Quirk individual and tried to do something new.

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