With The CW’s Supernatural coming to an end after fifteen years, fans have been left in search of other alternatives. the Supernatural The fandom cares more about characters than anything else, which means that Dean Winchester fans are very likely to be drawn to another series if a character is similar to Winchester’s older brother.

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But where to start? With so many genres, like action, superhero, sci-fi, or crime, some people may have a hard time delineating a starting point. If one needs some recommendations, perhaps Dean Winchester fans may be intrigued by some of these shows and will find many similar things that may appeal to their tastes.

10 Sawyer: lost

Sawyer shows tendencies similar to Dean in his role as an antihero of Lost. Having started out as selfish and overly sarcastic, Sawyer eventually grew into a sensitive man, whose past dictated his former ways.

Sawyer and Dean are both hot flirts that people love, simply through their natural charisma. Sawyer plays the role of the heavyweight of the group, being the big guy who can turn the tide of a situation. However, underneath his rough exterior is the need to be loved, which Dean exhibited throughout his on-screen career.

9 Sam Wilson: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Falcon and Nightwing in MCU

Although his next MCU TV series has yet to air, Falcon fans are already very familiar with Sam Wilson. One of the most admirable traits fans love about SI am (and become some great memes) is your extreme loyalty. Like Dean, he’s happy to take his loyalty to the grave to those closest to him, being the only person who stood by Captain America’s side through thick and thin.

However, Sam is not an absolute strict with the rules, having broken the law when he feels that his limits are not justified, but only with the intention of helping his friends. He is also quick to break out and does not trust those who have not been included in his allies, while valuing friendship above all else.

8 The Tenth Doctor: Doctor Who

It would be a lie if fans claimed that Dean didn’t enrage them as much as they loved him. The Tenth Doctor also displayed similar traits to Dean, with a hint of narcissism that clashed with his inherent goodness. This version of the character was a much more romantic figure than his other counterparts, gaining numerous love interests but ultimately staying closer to his peers.

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His chemistry with certain classmates, like Rose, is quite similar to Dean’s with Castiel. The Tenth Doctor also had the same style that made him the undisputed leader, who could easily dictate any dangerous situation in time and space. Also, the love he had with his TARDIS is a lot like Dean with Baby the Impala.

7 Alex Parrish: Quantico

A fierce person who throws himself into chaotic situations while being bold and outspoken, Alex Parrish’s toughness is very reminiscent of Dean’s. He proved to be quite confident in his abilities and skills and was tremendously brave when in situations that caused him fear.

His extreme taste for danger turned out to be his downfall at times, as he didn’t always see the big picture. Like Dean, there were a few times when he let his emotions affect his judgment. YThen again, there is a certain appeal to a character who is so brash about who they are, and Alex Parrish’s role as an FBI agent saw her address both her strengths and her flaws in Quantico.

6 Abraham Ford: The Walking Dead

Abraham Ford in The Walking Dead

If Dean had met Abraham, there is no doubt that the two would have been great friends. Abraham was reckless, loyal, and thrived in the zombie apocalypse. He would rather die than bow down to Negan, an attitude that Dean would no doubt have shown as well.

Abraham had a penchant for jokes in any given situation, while he was the soldier anyone could count on for his life. However, he had a death wish, one that caused him to plunge into extremely dangerous situations, something Supernatural fans know him well through Dean.

5 Anthony DiNozzo: NCIS

Outwardly brash and full of himself with a childlike sense of humor, yet full of heart and care for his friends and teammates, Tony DiNizzo is what Dean would be if he were on the stage of NCIS. Like Dean, Tony gave his colleagues a hard time by joking around at their expense, but who was the person who fought the hardest for them when the time came?

Behind the immature demeanor was a highly competent agent who was completely loyal to his boss and possessed his own leadership skills. Tony didn’t care for technology and too many tactics, which made his exploits intriguing about how he improvised on the field.

4 Jefferson Pierce: Black Lightning

Cress Williams as Jefferson Pierce Black Lightning

While he did not possess Dean’s preference to remain hidden from the public, Jefferson Pierce had such devotion to his family and friendships that he cultivated that the resemblance is certainly there. The two also share that drive toward fighting for justice, even if it would mean they risked their lives to achieve it.

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As Black Lightning, Jeff tried to balance his life as a superhero and as a father, doing his best to stay there for his family despite finding it difficult to do so. His mentoring role towards his children is similar to Dean’s relationship with Sam, and viewers will no doubt admire how much Jeff gravitated towards his family, whose love strengthened his superhero activities.

3 Jessica Jones from Marvel

Usually included among the best protagonists found on Netflix, Jessica Jones’s characterization is that of a rough person, a very dry attitude, but very close to her loved ones. She was also very quick to escalate a situation to a fight, knowing that she would win.

Like Dean, Jessica’s fighting style is similar to that of a fighter, one who does not stop in battle and can even be very brutal despite being the protagonist. His dark outlook was due to past trauma, which he channeled into his superhero activities.

two Duke Crocker: Haven

Starting out as a man who only cared about himself, Duke turned out to be the most disinterested in Refuge. A charming young rogue by personality, Duke couldn’t help but get involved in the problems people suffered within the city, manifesting themselves in dangerous ways that he proved vital to avoid.

He had a Dean-like bad boy attitude, appearing easy-going and self-indulgent, but finding ways to solve cases that no one else could. Duke had that instant magnetism about him that viewers love to watch every episode, with his character developing to become a person who embraced the idea of ​​love and friendship.

1 Damon Salvatore: The Vampire Diaries

Ian Somerhalder as Damon

There were many similarities between The vampire diaries Y Supernatural, and Damon’s features and gestures make him Dean’s counterpart. He started out as a villain but was soon revealed to be an antihero, only taking a dark turn due to his own insecurities and his hidden need for love.

Damon’s attitude towards battle was that he would rather kill than leave room for him to be killed; He wasn’t a typical good guy, but he used the attitude of an antihero to fight for the good. Damon’s deep love for his brother is what makes him so similar to Dean, as Damon’s afterlife was reuniting with his brother.

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