Superman has a wide range of villains that could join him on screen, but not all of these villains would translate well into the movie.

Known for his strength and speed, Superman has become one of the most popular comic book characters of all time. Superman has a wide range of enemies that he has stopped countless times. He stands up for justice and is always ready to help save the world.

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Numerous Superman characters and plots have been pulled directly from the pages of a comic book and placed on screen. You can’t tell a good story without a good villain. Superman has a wide range of villains that could join him on screen, but not all of these villains would translate well into the movie.

10 It doesn’t: microwave man is a silly relic of the past

The microwave man

This villain feeds on the energy emitted by microwaves. An updated version of the character could use the phone and internet signals to his advantage. He even managed to defeat Superman.

Microwave Man is said to be DC Comics’ first super-powered villain. He hasn’t been seen in decades, leaving this villain practically forgotten. He’s a silly character that most fans would hate to see in a serious movie.

9 Ago: Mister Mxyzptlk is a character who can alter reality

mr mxyzptlk

Mister Mxyzptlk is an imp from the Fifth Dimension. He’s usually seen as nothing more than a hassle or a joker, but he can turn into a serious enemy when translated into a movie.

One of the best stories about Mr. Mxyzptlk is Emperor joker, where the Joker manages to steal his reality-altering powers. A movie version of Mister Mxyzptlk could be made darker if it’s inspired by the way the Joker uses his powers.

8 Doesn’t: The Prankster Is Too Much Like Batman Rogues

Superman villain

Oswald Loomis is a common human who commits crimes under the name of Prankster. She uses his elaborate jokes to help him get away with the crimes he commits.

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He used to host a children’s television show, which suits his childlike nature very well. Despite his character’s silliness, he can also be quite deadly. In the movie, the character would likely look like an imitation of the Joker or Riddler.

7 Does: Grandma’s kindness is a powerful and dangerous person

Grandmother goodness new gods

Granny Goodness is a well-known Apokolips agent. As a member of the New Gods, he has incredible powers that would rival Superman. Granny Goodness is a high-profile member of the DC Villain Gallery.

She has appeared as a villain several times on screen. She has been in Smallville, Superman: The Animated Series, Y Young Justice. She is an incredibly powerful villain who deserves to appear as a villain in a DC feature film.

6 It doesn’t: Manchester Black isn’t well known outside of the comics

Manchester Black Superman

Manchester Black started out as an antihero before becoming a supervillain. He has incredible telekinetic and telepathic abilities. He is best known for being a member of the Rebel Superman Galleries. He once used his powers to give Superman something similar to a stroke.

A version of the character appeared in Supergirl. This character is not very well known outside of the comics, so he may not be a great villain for the movies. It could pose a valuable threat to the mighty hero.

5 Does: Starro could use his mind control powers on Superman

Starro is a group of starfish-shaped aliens led by Starro the Conqueror. He is a member of the Sinestro Corps. He uses his mind control skills to take over other people’s bodies.

Starro was mentioned in both Smallville Y Arrowverse. The character was shown controlling Superman in Batman Beyond. A Superman controlled by Starro would make an interesting plot. Superman likely has little ability to counter mind control.

4 It doesn’t: Toyman wouldn’t translate to film

Toyman Costumes

Winslow Schott, better known as Toyman, is a known enemy of Superman. He is a common and well known human inventor. He often uses his creations to help carry out his crimes. He had some psychological problems and was plagued with delusions.

A version of Toyman makes an appearance on the show. Smallville. It could be brought into the movie, but it probably wouldn’t provide much of a fight against Superman. His skill set wouldn’t be very interesting against Superman’s in a movie.

3 Yes: Ultraman would create an interesting plot by having Superman face a dark version of himself


Ultraman is a dark version of Superman from an alternate universe. He is a Kryptonian with the same powers as the normal version of the character. In the Ultraman universe, he is the leader of the Crime Syndicate. He is a villain rather than a hero.

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It would be wonderful to see Superman take on an evil version of himself. It could be interesting to watch him fight a man with exactly the same powers.

two It doesn’t: General Zod has been disappointing in previous movies

General Zod in Action Comics # 981

General Zod was born on Krypton and rose through the ranks of the Kryptonian army. He is brilliant and excellent in close combat. When exposed to the earth’s sun, he obtained the same powers as Superman.

General Zod has already been used twice as a villain in the Superman movies. His final appearance seemed to disappoint fans. As one of Superman’s most powerful and well-known villains, he has already been seen several times in Superman movies.

1 It does: Lex Luthor is Superman’s best-known enemy

Lex Luthor Lexcorp

Lex Luthor’s character is Superman’s arch enemy in the comics. He was born without powers but possesses a superhuman intellect. He has used his brilliance and knowledge of Superman to repeatedly overcome his powers.

Fans weren’t happy with his most recent movie appearance. That provides the perfect opportunity for a better version of the character to appear in an upcoming movie. Fans would love to see the evil, brilliant man come to life on the big screen properly.

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