Many of the 90 day fiancé couples in season 8 are having relationship problems. But which of the American men is the worst partner to have?

90 day fiancé has featured many villains throughout the franchise since it premiered in 2014. When it comes to the current season 8, many fans have determined that Brandon Gibbs’ parents will be the villains of the season, although Jovi Dufren’s parents now They have given their money a shot. . However, many viewers also have problems with some of the couples. Fans took to Instagram to determine which male partner out of four of the current couples performs worst.

American Brandon has come under fire for the way his parents treat his Russian fiancee Julia Trubkina. Many fans feel that the farmer needs to grow up and defend his future wife. Meanwhile, Jovi, a native of Louisiana, is receiving criticism for the way he treats his Ukrainian fiancee Yara Zaya. The boy at the party may have a drinking problem and doesn’t seem willing to grow up. Meanwhile, Andrew Kenton has received overwhelmingly negative responses for living large in Mexico while French couple Amira Lollysa was detained. The last partner questioned was Mike Youngquist, who also appeared in season 7 alongside Natalie Podiakova. The couple’s troubled relationship made Mike admit that he was no longer in love with his Ukrainian fiancé. But which partner is worse?

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Fan account @ 90dayrando posted a humorous video with Andrew, Mike, Brandon and Jovi on Instagram with the four men edited to sing to the tune of Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy.” “Who is the biggest “bad boy” so far this season?the caption reads. Fans were quick to accept the comments to express their views, and Andrew was by far the most called of the four men. “Andrew wtf is wrong with him“says the top comment. “Amira is arrested, the guy continues his vacation and then he comes up with another plan for another country. I can’t believe he’s crazy. Throw it away.. “Many other fans echoed his support that Andrew was by far the worst of the four men. “Bad boy like most haters … Andrew, “expressed another viewer.”Easy Andrew! You really must have a magic mirror to think that is all that. ”

When it came to the next nastiest man, it was a fight between Jovi and Mike. However, it seemed that a few more fans had a problem with Jovi, as Yara is a fan favorite. Meanwhile, fans are often divided on whether Mike or Natalie are the worst half of their tumultuous partnership. “It’s a fight between Jovi and Andrew,“wrote a fan. “Mike isn’t an award either, but I understand why he’s acting like an idiot. He doesn’t love Natalie, so drop her.“Some fans insulted all the men. “Andrew and Jovi are selfish, Mike is torturing Natalie to stay relevant and Brandon is a mama’s boy. Who’s the worst? They all are.” wrote a commenter.

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While viewers received a lot of criticism about Andrew, Jovi and Mike, Brandon received much less negative comments. Although fans have been urging the 28-year-old to grow up, his love for Julia appears to be real. The couple shared sweet posts together for Valentine’s Day. If they are able to break free from Brandon’s overprotective and intrusive parents, many fans feel like they have a good chance at a happy, healthy, and long-lasting relationship. However, the other couples have presented so many problems that many consider them 90 day fiancé the pairings led to a nasty split.

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