After hinting at baby news, Brandon Gibbs’ new IG selfie with 90-day fiancee Julia Trubkina had fans looking for signs of her pregnancy.

The only contraceptive method that 90 day fiancé The season 8 couple Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina have used so far is what he calls “the extraction method. And with the TLC couple apparently getting a positive pregnancy test, the chances of Brandon and Julia having a baby like Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya are also high. But as the baby photo of new parents Jovi and Yara was leaked, fans are trying to see any signs of pregnancy. 90 day fiancé star Julia. And a new IG photo of Brandon and Julia in a hotel room is where they now find clues.

It was the fear of 90 day fiancé Russian star Julia marries her son over a green card that made Brandon’s parents Ron and Betty sleep in separate rooms. But the young couple rebelled and had their infamous hot tub antics with revealing love bites, as noted by Brandon’s mother. Also, as Julia threatened to return due to being unofficially hired to work at Hummingbird Acres Farm, Brandon decided to give his mother an ultimatum and obtained her permission to sleep in a room. But as a preview of the couple for episode 11 of 90 day fiancé shows, Julia and Brandon freak out when they see two lines on their pregnancy test. As Julia shows signs of morning sickness and attempts to vomit in a moving car, Brandon remembers his failed birth control strategy and worries that his mother will take his 90 day fiancé doctor’s companion. Due to these signs, fans have been busy trying to search for possible images featuring pregnant women. 90 day fiancé star Julia.

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Even before their possible baby was teased 90 day fiancéJulia was getting questions about her pregnancy on Instagram. As noted in a previous question and answer session, Julia has given her followers a glimpse of her pregnant belly that some fans dismissed as a pillow. But this time, it was Brandon who posted a photo with Julia in a fancy hotel room hinting that they were still together. A previous post by Brandon had a discreet baby emoji in its caption, but this photo with Julia made him write “I’m just waiting for sunday. ” the 90 day fiancé The couple that was omitted in episode 10 was clearly missed terribly by some fans. But most TLC viewers were more interested in Julia’s pregnancy.

A curious fan posted a baby and bottle emoji followed by question marks on 90 day fiancé comments from star Brandon. A different comment asked Brandon if he was looking forward to Sunday “to announce that you are pregnant? !!!“And one posted immediately after,”I also!! I want to see that pregnancy test!” Other 90 day fiancé fan wrote, “She doesn’t seem prego“And one of Brandon’s followers demanded,”Let’s see previous photos. “While Julia certainly doesn’t look pregnant in the picture, some fans think the hotel room might be in”Las Vegas” cast “they got married there.

While there seems to be proof of marriage for most 90 day fiancé Couples, including Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi, or Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordvtseva, documents of Brandon and Julia have yet to be discovered. But if their photos are anything to go through, Brandon and Julia are possibly staying together, maybe they even moved off the farm. But do the 90 day fiancé the stars have a baby too? Fans will have to keep their fingers crossed for Brandon and Julia to leave more clues.

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