Yara Zaya, the sharp and equally sharp wife of Jovi Dufren, lashed out at an IG critic. But what had the fan of the 90-day fiancé told Yara?

Fans fell in love with Yara Zaya taking on 90 day fiancé her husband’s mother Jovi Dufren in the last episode of season 8. And it seems Yara is also keeping up with her wild new look on Instagram. Yara, who is currently enjoying her Miami vacation with Jovi and their baby, lashed out at her critics who issued vile comments about her appearance. But what did they say about 90 day fiancé wounded star?

The difficulties at Yara and Jovi’s 90 day fiancé The relationship seems to continue to grow even though they start over as future parents. While Jovi’s friends and family never seemed to be big fans of Yara, they called her “intriguing webcamAnd saying he fits the Ukrainian stereotype of getting a green card negatively affected the reality TV star. While Yara flaunted her frank honesty, she surely managed to turn #TeamJovi members into her followers, but he 90 day fiancé Critics of the star still seem to gain importance. Since a throwback video of Yara’s Ukrainian reality show in 2013 went viral, many TLC viewers have suspected she had a nose job. But Yara wasted no time in revealing that it was the makeup tricks that gave her a new look. Instagram Followers of 90 day fiancé Star Yara also saw her deny getting implants in her butt after a load made her look different than she did on screen. However, the plastic surgery rumors about Yara don’t seem to be stopping, based on her recent IG stories.

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Jovi’s Ukrainian wife Yara shared a series of Instagram stories that began by saying: “What angers me the most is when a woman who’s not pretty writes comments like ‘Is Yara a man? She looks like a man. Where is your Adam’s apple?“She continued her spiel adding that”beautifull“Girls never write”Things like that” only “no pretty women“Do, which Yara seems to have confirmed by visiting the comment poster account”sometimes. Yara then harshly addressed this particular critic saying: “you gotta check your damn self in the mirror before you write shit like this. “The TLC star later ended her story series when she posted:”I have the best followers, thanks already”Followed by many heart emojis. The stories, which have been published by 90dayfiancefanatics2 As a compilation of videos, it has mixed reactions.

While one TLC observer observes that Yara is “100% right,” another mentions that he is “don’t look like a man in any waY. “Still, the wise advice comes from another fan to 90 day fiancé star Yara through a comment, “You are very beautiful and sexy so ignore the haters. “

Should Yara take the fan’s advice and not react to every negative message that comes her way? Or is it the newbie 90 day fiancé wife, is it okay to nip criticism in the bud? On the other hand, it’s Yara’s hilarious no-holds-barred attitude that has earned praise from the 90 day fiancé fan community.

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