Are Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva still together? The 90-day fiancé’s evasive attitude to the therapist has angered fans.

So far in season 8 of 90 day fiancé, Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva have shown no signs of being made for each other. With literally nothing in common between them and Natalie declaring that she didn’t love him in season 7 by throwing his ring, Mike threw in the towel during the last episode. But while Mike didn’t seem to like therapy in the first place, he also didn’t show respect for Natalie’s idea of ​​couples therapy by wearing a Bluetooth headset in session. And as expected, 90 day fiancé The star Mike is being criticized in the cruelest way by fans online.

When Natalie first broached the topic of seeing a counselor, her 90 day fiancé his partner Mike complained “throwing a lot of money“Just to have a”simple conversation.But Mike, who also blamed communication problems for their fights, shared his secrets with his stylist Jane. Still, after finally saying “yes to therapy, ”Michael showed his best expressionless face as he sat on the therapist’s couch while wearing a Bluetooth headset. The Sequim, Washington, native dismissed Natalie’s problems adjusting to the United States, revealing that she was “fighting internally” and was “unhappy. “Although Natalie thanked him for going out of his way to get her a K-1 visa, Mike bluntly asked why he had come there and added:”are we still in love?“Also, Mike talked to him 90 day fiancé producers about not seeing their Ukrainian lover in their ideal world. But amid Mike’s dismissive attitude, what 90 day fiancé fans multiplied by ten was his Bluetooth headset.

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A thread in a 90 day fiancé community in Reddit It carried a picture of Mike from the unfortunate scene with the caption “Nothing says emotionally available like wearing a Bluetooth headset during couples therapy. “The post includes a main comment that reads:”I wish they both already had everything on the tableWhile mentioning that it seems that neither Mike nor Natalie are willing to show vulnerability and admit that they are suffering. “It is difficult to heal without recognizing what the problem was.“The TLC viewer continues and the comment that follows agrees, since it adds that both 90 day fiancé the stars are acting “Natalie with her nasty comments and Mike with his passive-aggressive evasive attitude. “

Some TLC viewers also predict that Mike and Natalie’s relationship has ended. This thought also stems from the fact that it was set in season 7 of 90 day fiancé about Mike and Natalie having “nothing in common. “They are different in their values, cultures and lifestyle choices, including food and spirituality (Mike’s believes in extraterrestrial life).”Sometimes opposites attract but neither compromises“Affirms a fan who says that if it is that difficult”Early, ” 90 day fiancéMike and Natalie should just “walk away. “

But a clipping from a local Sequim newspaper posted on Reddit shows that “Michael Allen Youngquist Jr” Y “Nataliia Podiakova”He got married around March 2020. However, the question remains: 90 day fiancé couple still together despite a wedding? After all, without any proof that Mike and Natalie had the rumored baby, or that they were seen together as Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren, it’s hard to declare them as 90 day fiancé success story.

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