It appears that Paul’s wife Karine has already lost most of the baby’s weight. Now, she has appeared dancing happily on social media, without Paul.

Many 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? Fans are surprised to see Paul Staehle’s wife, Karine Staehle, happy and dancing with her Brazilian friends while making a TikTok video. The couple have recently been blessed with a second baby, Ethan. But, it seems that Karine has already lost postpartum weight while flaunting her original figure. She also seems genuinely happy in the video, and she seems to enjoy her life much more when her American husband is not around.

After going through a rough patch, the first 90 day fiancé stars Paul and Karine are giving their marriage a second chance. They live under the same roof in Brazil and recently welcomed their second baby. But, after seeing Paul’s latest video on Instagram, some fans thought he was forcing his wife to work. He made a video with Karine, in which he said that they are learning some new dance moves to make their cameo videos more entertaining. However, she received some negative comments saying that the new mom of two didn’t seem excited and seemed too tired to practice any dance moves.

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But, the Kentucky native assured his fans that he is not forcing her to do anything. It seems that Paul was not lying because Karine can be seen enjoying dance lessons with her three Brazilian friends. Friends practiced dance moves on the popular TikTok trend, and Paul’s wife was seen, wearing black clothes, laughing and enjoying herself. It’s a rare sight for many 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? fans because they’ve only seen her around Paul, and apparently he doesn’t keep her happy. Check out the fun video below posted by 90 day fiancé fan page, 90 day fiancé now:

Many fans are surprised by how good Karine looks right after giving birth to her second baby. Since she is wearing shorts and a bralette top, fans can see that she has already lost most of her baby’s weight. One fan wrote: “Come on Karini, looking good just having a baby!”“Other fans noted that she looks happy when her husband is not around. Some comments say:”She smiles when she’s not next to Paul. She is extremely rude and unpleasant to him. ” Y “Karin very happy while Paul is not by her side. LOL.

Well, it is possible that he was filming this video and Karine was smiling, looking at him. But that seems highly unlikely, since you still have your travel bag ready at home. Paul recently showed his suitcase and told his Instagram family that the 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? Student Karine leaves him and goes to her parents’ house every time they have an argument.

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