We are still waiting for the long discussed Appear reboot of the movie, but now, Todd McFarlane is hinting at a possible Appear cinematic universe. Yes, it seems that the creator of the character and the man behind Image Comics has his sights set on something bigger. The question is, does Hollywood have an appetite for it?

Todd McFarlane recently announced a full Appear launching the universe at Image Comics starting this summer. It will include several new titles, such as King Spawn, Gunslinger Spawn, and a team book titled The scorched. That opens up a whole universe, much like what Marvel and DC have been doing for decades. But with Marvel locked in by Disney and DC at Warner Bros, other studios must go elsewhere if they hope to launch a comic book cinematic universe. AppearMcFarlane seemed to suggest in a recent interview that it might be an option. This is what he had to say about it.

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“I’ve been having this conversation with people inside and outside the comics industry, I’ve also been grooming my Hollywood agents because the big question is are we still making Spawn The Movie or are we offering something bigger than that? Because otherwise, the only other option is you take your top five characters and sell them to five different people and they do five individual things and the two will never meet. Wouldn’t it be better if one person, if a group came and said, ‘hey, You know, that’s an interesting talk for us, and by the way, Spawn at least now is at the epicenter of that, so we’re getting a lot of value from just that character, he talks to us about everyone else. ‘”

Blumhouse Productions has an R-rated deal Appear reboot, which will star Jamie Foxx in the title role. Jeremy Renner is also linked, and Todd McFarlane plans to direct himself. As McFarlane points out, if these characters are licensed by multiple studios, a cinematic universe is off the table. But what if they get a universe to bet everything Image Comics has on the way? the Appear cinematic universe could, and we emphasize could, be a thing.

But first things first. We have to get at least one Appear movie in the world. Todd McFarlane, in the same interview, discussed where that project currently stands. There is a lot going on, but it cannot be formally announced yet.

“Things have been moving behind the scenes in the movie Spawn during the pandemic, it’s just that those moves haven’t been made public. We’ve added some important creative people, we’ve added some top-of-the-line talent, and even just a week ago. , another great piece fell into place and we are all moving as much as possible to try and achieve meaningful movement. Our goal, by the middle of the year, is that we can go public. What nobody cares is not to announce some of the names that I can’t announce right now, but it’s’ oh by the way, they’ve sold it to a studio and yeah, somewhere, at least someone has written in pencil that they’re going to start production at some point. “

A preview Appear The film had been produced in 1997. It was criticized by critics and was not as commercially successful. But a lot has changed in the decades since, and Todd McFarlane has some ambitious things in the works. We will make sure to keep you posted as more details about the movie, or perhaps movies, become available. This news comes to us through Bleeding fresh.

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