Here’s what the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Resident Services office would look like if Pawnee’s number one official came to the island.

An inspired fan has painstakingly designed Leslie Knope’s office since Parks and Recreation in Nintendo’s adorable island simulator, Animal Crossing: New Horizons – a feat the show’s main character would surely appreciate. The full-length sitcom first aired in 2009 and focused on the local government of the fictional town of Pawnee. Though the series officially ended in 2015, with a special one-episode reunion in 2020, it maintains its share of dedicated fans, as evidenced by this recent video game tribute.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans have been creating amazing things in the game almost since its launch last year. Despite the time that has passed since its initial release, there are still players working to bring new ideas to the game. This same week, a Redditor revealed a blue ACNH Phase masterpiece in a post. With admirable patience, the player managed to gather a crowd of color-coordinated villagers, dress the creatures in matching blue garments, and snap an undeniably fun photo to share. Game fans have not limited themselves to bringing content to Animal crossing. A recent mod for Monster hunter world replaced the feline inhabitants of the world, called Palicoes, with Animal crossingfeline villagers.

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Reddit user iamtetrophy showed the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Pawnee’s number one official version yesterday. The reason for the publication, which currently has more than 26,000 votes in favor, is explained in the title. The creator chose to name the island after the city in Parks and Recreation when starting the game and felt that too much time had passed without attempting a tribute. The image of the iamthetrophy design is placed next to the actual show stage, and the similarity is striking. Leslie Knope’s carefully selected photographs of political heroes have been copied, though Animal crossing The version is full of images of villagers. Pawnee’s plaque behind Knope’s desk is represented by a Happy Home Academy award. The post even attempts to recreate the character’s mug.

Reddit Animal Crossing Pawnee Island

As fantastic as this and others are Animal Crossing: New Horizon reimagines may be, the wildest crossover might be the official one that will allow Animal crossing players transform into Mario. An update, to be revealed on February 25th, will be filled with items inspired by the Mushroom Kingdom as a gift to him. Super Mario Bros. 35th anniversary. On March 1, fans will have access to things like specially designed clothing and a working warp pipe. The update will also include content for upcoming events taking place throughout March, such as the Shamrock Day decorations.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons it’s all about creativity, and players are encouraged to bring their own island havens to life, even if it means building a fictional small-scale government office. It’s hard to believe that fans Nintendo once anticipated were so imaginative.

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Source: iamthetrophy / Reddit

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