Although its premises are different, Attack on Titan Y Naruto both contain a lot of violence, memorable characters, and moments that will leave fans in awe. Whether fans are discussing Eren Yeager’s best fights or the most climatic Naruto scenes ever, fans will continue to highlight their fond memories by watching any of the shows.

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When it comes to fight discussions, fans will often pit characters against each other regardless of their different backgrounds. The titans of some of the most fearsome enemies in the anime world, but could the Naruto characters take them down?

10 Can defeat: Naruto Uzumaki due to his immense strength and arsenal of Ninjutsu

Naruto in his wise mode

Not only is Naruto Uzumaki a fan favorite character from his franchise, he also possesses dexterity and powers capable enough to take down a Titan. Not only would Naruto’s original Rasen Shuriken jutsu be enough to put a Titan to rest, but it also possesses other feats.

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Naruto can use the power of his nine-tailed companion Kurama to harness his Tailed Beast mode, which gives him abilities to revitalize his allies along with Tailed Beast bombs capable of dealing intense damage to Titans.

9 Cannot be defeated: Udon Ise because his abilities will not affect Titans

Udon is listening to something

Udon Ise is not only a ninja that many fans may have forgotten about, but he is also a ninja who couldn’t stand a chance against a Titan. During his school days with his teammates, Konohamaru and Moegi, Udon considered himself a coward and was known to drag his team down multiple times.

Despite developing an intriguing mucus ninjutsu technique that will allow him to pierce through enemies and the ability to tell when allies are under genjutsu, a Titan would not have to worry considering how their regenerative bodies function along with their reaction to taking hits in your vital organs.

8 Can defeat: Sasuke Uchiha due to his excellent strategizing and supernatural abilities

Sasuke looks angry

TO Naruto The character that many consider a better ninja than Naruto and who has the necessary skills to defeat a titan is Sasuke Uchiha. From Sasuke’s standard Chidori to his later completed Susanoo form spanning multiple swords and armor, Sasuke wouldn’t sweat to defeat a Titan.

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Additionally, Sasuke’s intelligence and mindfulness in and out of battle are excellent and they can create tactics and strategies on the fly when and if necessary. Considering how foolish and unintelligent the Titans are in combat, Sasuke can come up with a cool plan to take them down.

7 Cannot be defeated: Mizuki because he is a villain that Naruto defeated twice during his youth

Mizuki has an evil smile

Mizuki is not only one of the most pathetic villains in Naruto story, but his skills and fighting power won’t help him against a Titan. Not only was he a villain that Naruto defeated in an instant, but even when he obtained a potion from Orochimaru, Naruto managed to defeat him again with a Rasengan.

To make matters worse for Mizuki, he lost his ninja abilities after Tsunade healed him, leaving him a vulnerable target for many ninjas, including human-eating monsters such as the Titans. Thus, even if Mizuki kept her brute strength from Orochimaru’s potion, it would still be Titan’s food.

6 Can defeat: Zabuza Momochi due to his excellent sword skills and willpower

Zabuza is ready to fight

One of the strongest swordsmen in Naruto and a person capable enough to defeat a Titan would be Zabuza Momochi. From his excellent water-style ninjutsu to his excellent swordsmanship with his sword, Kubikiribocho, a Titan, would have to work hard if he wanted to consume this “Demon of the Mist”.

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Even without his sword, Zabuza is unable to push as he has shown excellent taijutsu skills, as shown when he rushed over and took down a herd of his client Gato’s men with the use of a kunai to his mouth and both arms pinned down.

5 Can’t be defeated: Banna because she doesn’t possess many abilities that can damage a Titan

Banna has a great club

Despite having a difficult childhood and at the same time maintaining a caring nature, Banna does not have the skills necessary to defeat a Titan. Although he could wield a giant club capable of dealing some damage to his opponents, the Titans can regenerate the wounds that he cares for them at a rapid rate.

Furthermore, the Titans are known to ignore the damage that the Bannas are taking, as their appetite seems to be their outer and inner driving force. Therefore, without the proper ninjutsu or other techniques to protect himself, Banna will only delay his inevitable demise at the hands of the Titans.

4 Can defeat: Madara Uchiha due to his unlimited battle experience and abilities

Madara doesn't seem happy

Arguably one of the strongest villains in Shonen Jump with many powers capable of defeating a Titan is Madara Uchiha. With his trusty Sharingan, Madara had access to many abilities displayed by many ninjas in Naruto, who even became the master of every tailed beast monster at one point, showing off his dominance and intimidating nature.

Not only that, Madara can also use his Susanoo to defend himself from damage or to launch offensive attacks towards the Titans. Not only that, Madara can also create on-the-fly plans and alternative options for him instantly, displaying his high levels of intelligence.

3 Can’t Defeat: Kanna because her healing power won’t help her fight the Titans

Kanna is healing someone

Although she lived during the Ninshu era of Naruto and learned some impressive healing feats, Kanna would stand no chance against a Titan. Despite gaining insights into the mystical palm healing technique from one of the most famous ninjas in the shinobi world, Kanna didn’t display many physical feats during her time on the series.

Also, Kanna’s shy attitude could lead to her demise along with her willingness to openly share her opinion, regardless of whether it is for or against someone else. Therefore, these personality traits along with your abilities will be of no use to you in a battle with a Titan.

two Can Defeat: Pain due to great agility and deadly abilities

Pain doesn't seem impressed

One of From Naruto The strongest villains he fought in the series with enough power to defeat a Titan is Nagato, who put himself under the alias Pain. Not only can Pain drive the Titan away from him with Almighty Push, but this individual had enough power to utilize an immense chakra that drained ninjutsu due to his insane chakra reserve feats.

Pain’s chakra reserve capabilities and ninjutsu are not only impressive, but he also possesses excellent agility on the battlefield, allowing him to escape danger or land a killing blow.

1 Unable to defeat: Zaku Abumi because he has powers that can be counterproductive

Despite working for Orochimaru, Zaku Abumi was a reckless villain to the Konoha ninjas during the Chunin exams with flaws that will land him in the mouth of any Titan. Furthermore, despite claiming to be intelligent without fear of losing to anyone, Zaku always headed into battle and fell for his enemies’ traps many times.

Not only that, but Zaku’s ability to drive sound may not serve him well in a Titan fight from an offensive point of view, considering that his power could cost him his arms and his terrible disadvantages. Considering that Zaku and one of his teammates were sacrificed by Orochimaru’s summons during his fight with the Third Hokage, it is safe to assume that he would lose to a Titan.

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