Batman did not become one of the best martial artists in the world by accident. Although most fans know that Batman was trained by Ra’s al Ghul, there are many other notable people who have shown the Caped Crusader how to beat criminals to pulp.

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Bruce Wayne had to train his body to a high level in order to keep up with the bad guys from Gotham and across DC. In addition to having a mind for detective work, Wayne needed to make sure he could fight the best. These are the 10 characters you did not know who personally trained Bruce Wayne.

10 Henri ducard

Ra's Al Ghul's Batman Begins

Most people would know Henri Ducard from Liam Neeson’s portrait in The beginning of batman. Henri Ducard was based in Paris, and one of Bruce Wayne’s many notable trainers, in his first Caped Crusader insurrection. Ducard was an incredibly intelligent detective and manhunter, who imparted much of his knowledge to Bruce, before Bruce discovered that Ducard was nothing more than a mercenary who broke the law, so naturally Batman would have to take down he.

9 Giovanni John Zatara

Giovanni Zatara in Young Justice

Heroine Zatanna Zatara’s father, Giovanni Zatara made his debut in the early 90s. Batman: The Animated Series first introduced Giovanni to the DCU, showing the many ways Batman learned his stealth approach to taking down the worst in Gotham. Giovanni, known as a subspecies of humans who practice magic, used his powers to show Bruce the best arts of escapology. This term referred to the approach of taking down your enemies without them knowing you were in the same room. The League of Assassins isn’t the only one that has given Bruce those ninja escape abilities.

8 Wildcat

Wildcat aka Ted Grant

Although some might mistake Wildcat for Batman, he is not. Ted Grant was a renowned boxer who had been framed for the death of his opponent. Grant would later become Wildcat, to help fight criminals who would cause any crime. On his rise to becoming a hero, Wildcat would gain many prolific fighting skills.

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Grant is a master boxer and trained in Capoeira, Hapkido, Krav Maga, and Muay Thai. All of which, he taught Bruce Wayne and many other notable DC heroes and villains, including Catwoman, Black Canary, and The Flash, making Batman one of the deadliest melee combatants in all of the comics continuity.

7 Harvey harris

Havey Harris and Bruce Wayne

Harvey Harris was the top detective in Gotham and as such taught young Bruce all of his knowledge. Bruce was young at heart, but he was determined to stamp out any type of crime, even in his youngest and most impressionable years. Harvey was the man who would teach Batman everything he knew about being a world-class detective. To protect his own identity, Bruce woke up in the first Robin costume in existence in DC, to protect his own identity.

But being Gotham’s best detective, Harvey quickly deduced who he had been dealing with and trained him to be a great detective anyway. Harvey would be the one who coined the name “Robin”.

6 Kirigi

Kirigi training Bruce

Kirigi is a master of Ninjutsu, so much so that Ra’s al Ghul brought him in to train his own assassins from the League of Assassins. Bruce studied extensively under Kirigi’s tutelage, even learning Master Kirigi’s most famous move, the vibrating palm strike. A hit from this hit would instantly kill anyone, although Bruce never used it once. Although Kirigi has appeared in various stories throughout the DC continuity, there has never been a main story involving this master ninja. Kirigi taught Bruce many martial arts techniques.

5 David cain

David Cain and Deathstroke

David Cain is one of DC’s deadliest killers. Cain taught Bruce how to kill effectively with ease, although Bruce would never resort to killing, but it wouldn’t hurt to know how to take down his enemies very effectively. Cain is such a high-ranking assassin, that he also taught another of DC’s most infamous villains, Deathstroke.

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Deathstroke and Batman have clashed for many decades and learning through Cain must be a driving force in Deathstroke who is always trying to outdo Batman. If a student is to become the teacher, Deathstroke and Batman will fight each other for some time.

4 Richard Dragon

Richard Dragon is another master martial artist who trained Bruce Wayne in his most distressing time. Dragon was instrumental in helping Bruce recover from his dismantling by Bane. Bane broke Batman’s back and Richard Dragon was there to pick up those pieces. Without the teachings to focus on healing his own body, Bruce might never have returned to avenge Gotham. Richard Dragon learned from Bronze Tiger and in turn taught Batman, Barbara Gordon, and Huntress, many of DC’s greatest superheroes. Although Richard Dragon was seen as a hero from the early Batman stories, he is now known as an enemy of the Green Arrow.

3 Alfred Pennyworth

This may go without saying, but Alfred Pennyworth is masterful in many of his teachings, many of which were passed on to a young Bruce Wayne. In addition to his mastery of acting, Alfred taught Bruce the best arts of combat medicine, voice imitation, and disguise. If it weren’t for Alfred, Bruce might not be as keen on maintaining his appearance as Gotham’s number one playboy, and instead portraying himself as the dark and brooding superhero who stalks Gotham’s criminals. Alfred was an intelligence agent before being employed by the Wayne family, much of which the young Bruce was also taught.

two Shihan Matsuda

Shihan Matsuda is one of the strongest martial artists, if not the strongest, who taught Bruce Wayne the finer points to become an expert in ninjutsu. Matsuda taught Bruce while in Japan. Matsuda is a Zen Buddhist monk warrior, according to Bruce, who taught Bruce many techniques, including how to melt ice just by thinking of warmer thoughts. Matsuda was very paranoid and also taught the Caped Crusader not to trust anyone or anything, something that clearly stuck with Batman for all these years.

1 Sergei Alexandrov

What would Batman be without his gadgets? He would still be a world-renowned fighter and martial artist, but he probably couldn’t surpass many of his adversaries, that’s where Sergei Alexandrov comes into the picture. Sergei is an engineer who taught Bruce all about the gadgets that would help Batman develop and unleash some of his best weapons, including Batarang. Sergei came into Bruce’s life around the age of 21 and showed him how to build his own threatening tools. Without Sergei, villains like The Riddler could run rampant, while avoiding Batman’s more brute force capabilities.

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